The Web

A Web of Conspiricies

"It is written here that these United Nations and all affiliated parties authorize and acknowledge cooperation and joint effort in seeking, studying, and if need be destroying the many horrors that plague our world, both within and outside of our borders..."
— From The Introduction Of The Act Of 85

  A Web...silent, patient, and invisible unless you look closely. Its tethers branch outward, anchored into the very roots of the world. The dew that gathers on its endless weave is salted like the oceans that separate those who call themselves members. Don't forget: Every web has a spider, and this one has many.

The Web Of Conspiracies, or simply "The Web," is a term given to many concerned citizens, interest groups, and clandestine organizations that operate outside of laws and borders. They gave themselves the name, and seek to oppose what they refer to as "The World Beneath." They protect the ignorant from the monsters that hide under their beds, bear the weight of forbidden knowledge, and seek to better understand the darker aide of reality.

The Web has many faces, and each one reveals a different facet of the whole. Some fight for vengeance, like the many average Joes and Janes who fight for what they lost so no one else has too. Some fight for ideological reasons, others for science. It matters little why they do it, only that they continue to do so.

The Black Envelopes

On October 31st 1985, the leaders of the world found a strange envelope on their desks. It was black, as was the paper inside and wrapped in a gold ribbon. The letter inside outlined the structure and concept of what is now called the web. Each letter claimed to be sent from a different world leader. Calls were made, and in the end, the leaders agreed to meet in secret. To this day, they still don't know who sent the letters.  

The Accord

It had no true name and no fancy title befitting a headline. The accord was forgotten almost immediately after it had been signed. It was sent to those who make up the web and opened a world of possibilities. Some took the power and abused it, others rarely use the power at all. Reagardless the world beneath would never be the same. What exactly happened in that unknown auditorium is a mystery. They claimed to be meeting for talks of environmental awareness.

The World Beneath

  As time passed, "The Web" became a catch all term for anything even remotely associated with the strange and abnormal. Things most would consider paranormal and supernatural would become just as much a part of The Web as those who study and oppose them.   Initially, "The World Beneath" was a term used only to refer to monsters, arcane power, ancient gods, and the cults who worship them. It was a way to differentiate between the web and what The Web opposes. The term changed rapidly as those in The Web began to realize not all monsters are as evil and vicious as it would appear. This became ever more apparent as studies of The Candlelight became more frequent. and yielded more results.   Some can talk and be reasoned with. Others don't realize the damage they cause. Various cults have even joined The Web in their struggle. The morally ambiguous nature of the world forced The Web into a reality that is nothing but shades of gray. There is little room for black and white. The beast you killed could have a family of their own, and the intelligence to realize what family means in the same way humans do. These hard lessons led to The World Beneath becoming synonymous with The Web, each the side of a coin, and unable to determine which side is which.

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