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13 Sep, 2018 07:51

Thanks for following ^-^

13 Sep, 2018 13:15

Woahhhh you can comment on profiles?! Awesome, youre very welcone :)

4 Dec, 2018 22:42

Thank you for the follow on Ethnis!

4 Dec, 2018 22:50

Youre very welcome and likewise :) good stuff over in Ethnis

5 Dec, 2018 13:57

Thank you so much for following my world! :D

5 Dec, 2018 14:17

Likewise :) always enjoy your articles! Thank you!

7 Dec, 2018 15:07

Thanks for the like!

14 Dec, 2018 20:37

Thanks fov faving The Pupil!

14 Dec, 2018 21:59

No problem at all :)

28 Dec, 2018 23:21

Thanks for liking my work! I appreciate it!

28 Dec, 2018 23:32

No problem at all. I always try to like for like and critique for critique :)

20 Jan, 2019 22:06

Just read your elves, and immediately saw the difference of your "the Fae" to my "the Fae". Which i started writing an article on, to get this misconceptions out of the way :).   Also: Tammer Roux. Nice Name. Your Namefinding is Strong.

20 Jan, 2019 22:11

Thank you, my fae were inspired heavily by traditional folklore in ireland and scotland and the roleplaying game "Changeling: the Lost" lots of awesome stuff there if your interested. be sure to send me that when your done. sorry about the misconceptions. many use the fae as a race and i personaly do as well! really liked what you gave me.   thank you as well on the name compliment. ive been working on a naming conlang and im developing it further. nice to hear it sounds good =]

2 Mar, 2019 16:29

I know Changeling.   Been a huge WoD gamer in the 9ties of the last century. Had a copy myself andplayed a pooka Character once. Usually DMing though. Had been a little away from chronicling my world due to IRL reasons, gonna start with the last race (the Orcs) soon. You know if that Tower thing is already decided?

22 Jan, 2019 20:49

:) Thanks for the follows and likes! <3

22 Jan, 2019 21:16

Thank you for the follow as well. They were good articles :)

23 Jan, 2019 12:34


24 Jan, 2019 21:02

Thank you for the follow, I hope you liked the spotlight! I took a look at Expedition Demeter and I liked what I saw so I followed it :)

24 Jan, 2019 21:11

Thanks so much my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it. By no means did u need to do that at all. I thought I followed you ages ago and once I noticed I fixed it lol. You do amazing work. :) keep it up!

29 Jan, 2019 19:56

In Reply: Keep on writing great articles like that one, it was very intriguing ^-^ Certain aspects of the number and chaos based magic appeared quite lovecraftian to me and I dig that. And thank you for following Aqualon! If you happen to like the setting, take a peek at our Discord Server where I keep everyone up to date on articles and streams. Plus I try to nurture a strong writing, feedback, and critique culture there, in case you are looking for a circle to share and compare <3

30 Jan, 2019 01:34

Kay. I think i finished the articles about Fae, Counterrealm and Nemesis fiend. I planned to do some about spells, and how the (vancian-like, but not quite) DND Magic system came to be, but will finish my gnomes first. With finished i mean nothing to add in the moment, i will have to check for readability from time to time, still have to work on my english. Tell me what you think.

1 Feb, 2019 04:38

I havnt forgotten you I promise. I've been backlogged with critiques ! I'll do yours soon. :)

1 Feb, 2019 16:41

Its okay, just wanted to let you know. No obligation :).

18 Feb, 2019 21:44

Uh, i read your Article about Heimdal. Very nice.   Also, i have the gelf finished (my gnomes) and created a tower for the Challenge. Thought i would finish my playable races first but then decided otherwise. Will you enter your article for the challenge? It has a tower .

18 Feb, 2019 22:17

Oh yes it is my entry. I havnnt read the comments yet. I'm getting to your articles right now. I finally have some time. lots of irl stuff man I'm so sorry its been so long. I habt forgotten I assure ya.

19 Feb, 2019 06:33

I accidently deletedyour feedback on my tower.Looking on it with my phone, and putting my fingers where they shouldn't However: I read it. Answer:   I didn't chose those schools of magic. It's my DnD Campaign world and didn't want to overload my (mostly rather new) players with homebrew stuff. The races are enough: Thats why you alsofind "drow" in my "underdark" :)

19 Feb, 2019 16:32

Oooooh ok. That makes sense. Lol workingnoj gelf now lol it may take a bit

1 Feb, 2019 04:33

Thanks for the follow!

1 Feb, 2019 04:34

No problem at all!

1 Feb, 2019 13:19

Thanks for having followed my work back on Varen :)

1 Feb, 2019 13:55

No problem man. I'll be looking at some articles soon. :)

1 Feb, 2019 15:03

Chapter one is gonna be released soon, be sure to have a look :)

1 Feb, 2019 16:14

Of course. drop me a link man. Lemme know if you like anything of mine as well. :)

3 Feb, 2019 18:32

The first chapter just came out, could you read it and give me some honest critique please?

3 Feb, 2019 18:33

Just checked out The Web and Expedition Demeter, really good writing and names:)

3 Feb, 2019 20:10

Thanks you and I'll take a look soon :)

7 Feb, 2019 13:48

I've corrected the first chapter and finished the second, can you see how well I wrote the second plase?

7 Feb, 2019 14:57

Absolutely :)

12 Feb, 2019 23:58

Thank you for the follow!

17 Feb, 2019 18:34

hey, thanks for the follow

17 Feb, 2019 18:35

No problem. great work man!

17 Feb, 2019 18:39

Thank you for the Follow :)

17 Feb, 2019 18:46

No problem man :) thank you for the like!

18 Feb, 2019 01:50

hey, your "the web world", what system are you using for it?

18 Feb, 2019 02:18

I developed my own system for it and expedition demeter. I'm a fairly rules light gm, and most systems just seem boosted to me. tried d20 didn't work out. COC didn't work, SAS didn't work lol

18 Feb, 2019 02:18

Thanks for the like and follow as well :)

18 Feb, 2019 03:08

I would love to play in that world. are you looking for players atm?

18 Feb, 2019 03:26

Sadly not. in flashing out thenpowers and skill trees for it as well as finishing the rule book. Once I do however I will be looking if your interested. I'll need it. Lol.

20 Feb, 2019 00:13

Thanks for the Favourite!

20 Feb, 2019 00:40

No problem man! Great article btw!

20 Feb, 2019 00:51

Thank you favouriting my Castle. I really appreciate it.

20 Feb, 2019 01:49

Of course man. So many great entries and is saw yours. Thought id give it a read. Great job!

20 Feb, 2019 07:26

Danke for den LIKE für Njord-Ijs-tårn und das du dir Zeit genommen den Artikel zu lesen. // Thanks alot for the LIKE of Njord-Ijs-tårn and the time you took to read it!

21 Feb, 2019 13:06

Thanks for the heart on "Flame's Tower"!

21 Feb, 2019 13:35

Of course. It was quite nice. good job. So much awesome competition!

22 Feb, 2019 15:08

Thank you for favoriting my "Tower of Power" entry. I'm still building the world for my unpublished Project:_Megahuman book series, and I'll take whatever help I can get.

22 Feb, 2019 16:06

Oooo ill be sure to take a look after work. I'm in the same boat. I'm currently working on the web, and would love feedback if you ever have the time. :) good job on the article!

25 Feb, 2019 02:16

Thank you for the like on my "Tower of Power" I hope you enjoyed the quotes and the style of writing on my page. I am trying to see some of your work, but I'm not very good at navigating this website, however i'll get there eventually. :)

25 Feb, 2019 04:30

thanks for the follow and no problem at all. I did enjoy them both! I understand what you mean by navigation.   https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-web-dylonishere123/a/heimdal-and-the-bifrost-article   This here is my tower of power if you ever have some time to look at it. again thanks so much for the follow and great article! keep it up!

26 Feb, 2019 22:42

Many thanks again for following Ulskandar, and for your constructive comments on my Tower of Power entry. Very much appreciated!

26 Feb, 2019 23:28

Or course my friend! I enjoyed it

28 Feb, 2019 03:18

Thank you for the follow! :)

28 Feb, 2019 04:58

No problem at all! =]

1 Mar, 2019 01:12

I thank you greatly for the fav! :)

1 Mar, 2019 04:09

Of course! :)

10 Mar, 2019 01:50

Thanks for liking my page :)

10 Mar, 2019 06:32

No problem. great work!

16 Mar, 2019 16:37

Thank you so much for the two favourites! As the first two on my world and it being on two of my favourite articles I genuinely appreciate it!

16 Mar, 2019 16:52

No problem at all my friend. Keep up the good work

16 Mar, 2019 18:14

Oh my god I decided to show appreciation and look at what worlds you had done and I had no clue I'm talking to "The Web" guy! You keep up the good work haha

16 Mar, 2019 18:53

Woah thanks for the folow, and "the web guy?" Oooo you just made my day XD thank you good sir. Have a good one!

21 Mar, 2019 19:22

Thank you for the follow!

21 Mar, 2019 19:38

No problem. great challenge article btw

22 Mar, 2019 00:13

Thanks for the follow and the like!

22 Mar, 2019 13:00

Thanks for the like on The Minerva! =D

22 Mar, 2019 13:56

No problem

22 Mar, 2019 13:46

Thanks for the fave! What did you like the most about it?

22 Mar, 2019 14:00

Here, lemme drop a critique on it.

22 Mar, 2019 20:38

Thanks for a like!

22 Mar, 2019 20:45

thanks for the fav

23 Mar, 2019 20:10

Thanks for a follow

23 Mar, 2019 21:18

Sure thing man!

23 Mar, 2019 22:23

Thank you so much for giving my article a like!

23 Mar, 2019 23:11

No problem man. It was a good one!

26 Mar, 2019 14:05

Thanks so much for the follow!!!

26 Mar, 2019 16:44

No problem at all.

19 Apr, 2019 08:47

Thank you for the follow!

27 Apr, 2019 03:28

Hey! Thanks for favoriting Kin! Really appreciate it! :)

27 Apr, 2019 03:32

No problem! Great job

30 Apr, 2019 01:07

Thanks for the follow! I'll keep up the work now that I know I have another eye on it!

2 May, 2019 02:11

Thank you for the fave and follow.

2 May, 2019 02:45

Of course!!! Good work!

2 May, 2019 09:15

Thanks for the favorite

3 May, 2019 02:42

Thank you for the follow on Gugnix! I really appreciate it!

3 May, 2019 04:20

Of course!

7 May, 2019 20:45

Thank you for the follow. It means a lot to me. I look forward to seeing your future work.

8 May, 2019 18:13

Thanks for the favorite!

12 May, 2019 08:54

Thank you very much for following and liking. It means a lot. I've also been reading more from Expedition Demeter. I really enjoy your world and the concept that it's coming apart and unraveling. It is awesome. The way you frame it too. It's inspicering, even though we have very different world themes. I'm looking forward to exploring your world further.

12 May, 2019 17:51

U as well my friend. I'm glad you enjoy the world. It's been a labor of love for a good while now and has alot going on. I'm enjoying your world as well and look forward to learning more. Anytime you need something looked at lemme know! I appreciate your kind words so much!

12 May, 2019 23:03

Thanks for the Fave!

12 May, 2019 23:08

No problem my friend.

15 May, 2019 18:15

Thanks for the like on Lady Star Wish!

15 May, 2019 19:06

Of course man! It was a good read!


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