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10 Jul, 2020 09:25

Thanks for the follow, Ninne! I've followed you back :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
12 Jul, 2020 18:01

Thanks :3

5 Jul, 2020 21:27

Thanks for the likes and the follow! I also just want to say that your world is stunning - the style/formatting/artwork all works amazingly well together and I can't wait to give it all a proper read through :D

6 Jul, 2020 13:05

You're welcome!   And thank you so much ^-^

3 Jul, 2020 18:46

Hæhæ am here to annoy! Also here to tell you I appreciate you very much - you are the best c:

3 Jul, 2020 18:59

Awwwww <3

2 Jul, 2020 21:15

Thank you for literally everything!

2 Jul, 2020 21:20

Right back at you Dhel! ^-^

27 Mar, 2019 17:37

Thank you for the follow!

24 Feb, 2019 16:15

Thanks for the like!

18 Feb, 2019 20:29

Congrats to the daily feature, really well done! While browsing through your world I've stumbled over your prison poem and I just love the cover image. It has no credits and I haven't found anything like it online, is it your own creation? And if so, can I use it for some articles in my world?

18 Feb, 2019 21:59

Thank you so much for the follow!! The cover is a picture of an old book I just edited :D   I sadly don't have the original picture anymore and I totally forgot to link the website it was found on :(   But feel free to use it :3

18 Feb, 2019 00:02

thank you so much for the follow!

22 Jan, 2019 20:56

Thanks for the follow! Hopefully in the future, my sister and I might set up the choose-your-own-adventure thing here on WA :)

22 Jan, 2019 21:22

That would be so cool BD! :3

23 Jan, 2019 12:34

:) <3

10 Jan, 2019 10:24

Thanks for the follow! <3

11 Jan, 2019 13:30

You're welcome! :D

8 Jan, 2019 18:31

Thank you very much for the follow and comment! I appreciate them very much!

11 Jan, 2019 13:30

You're welcome! I like it so far, looking forward to read more articles in the future :D   And thank you for liking back :3

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
6 Jan, 2019 20:28

Thank you for the like ;v ; !

11 Jan, 2019 13:28

You're welcome! :3

12 Dec, 2018 16:28

Thanks for the like! Love the art you have in your articles!

12 Dec, 2018 18:36

Thank you! and thanks for liking some of my work too :D

@ lunalapanda
Atena Luna
3 Dec, 2018 18:46

Thank you so much for the follow :D!

3 Dec, 2018 18:49

You're welcome! I like your work :D

4 Aug, 2018 21:49

Thank you very much for the follow, and kind words! I quite like your illustrations and maps, as well as the way you've laid out your world.   If you'd like to take a hand in the direction of my world, articles I make, want to see early release chapters for my books, or just want to see more content I put out like videos and so forth, feel free to check out my Patreon, and YouTube!   Thank you again for the support!

10 Jun, 2018 16:55

I love your vector drawings and illustrations !

12 Jun, 2018 12:29

Thank you! I put a lot of work into them. Thank you so much for the follow!! :)

22 May, 2018 09:45

I really dig your style for the maps and your illustrations. Looking forward to how your world will develop. Oh and thanks for the Twitter Follow :)

23 May, 2018 19:43

Thanks you! and thank you for the world follow as well as the twitter follow :)


Hello there!   I've been using WA since mid-2018, and it's honestly my favourite place to spend time on the internet. I love writing and drawing, though I'm not doing any of it professionally :D

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