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The Hylian Fantasy A Fan Worldbuild of The Legend of Zelda

Four Centuries after the Calamity

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Hyrule rebuilds. Despite the weathering of darkness and trouble, the Kingdom is reborn and alliances reforged. The heroes of old have faded to legend, but the tales of Hyrule's future continue.  
This world runs on the Reclaim the Wild RPG system built by Elemental Knight
Would you like to read The Hylian Fantasy from the point of view of individual cultural groups? Select the option below to be able to read sections and articles that only each specific group would know!  


Only one of each primary group below can be given at any one time, though each may have further subgroups that can be joined.   The Desert peoples, the Gerudo!
The living rocks, Gorons, goro!
Children of the Goddess, the Hylians!
People of the sky, the Rito!
A people shadowed in mystery, the Shiekah!
The people of the rivers and seas, the Zora!
  The world of Hyrule four centuries after the defeat of Calamity Ganon is one filled with adventuring heroes, curious scholars, and fate driven lovers. Various stories can be followed across the land as a new darkness seeps back across the light.  

Summer Camp 2023

You can find all of the latest work done for Summer Camp 2023 here!  
Summer Camp 2023
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Experience the quieter side of Hylian life in:

Stones in the Field

  Follow stonemason Ternah as he grows from a young apprentice to a man following his dreams. Full of unique takes on the culture of the world of The Legend of Zelda with a myriad cast of characters.

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