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I am here for Ethnis primarily, working as a secondary developer to Ademal The Narrator   My passions and experience come in the form of video games and design, unreal engine, C++, Ruby (not on rails.) I am an aspiring gunsmith as a hobby, and I collect and am willing to share knowledge on firearms if anyone needs that info for any of their projects. I also am always interested in military related affairs (such as historic battles and the like)

Favorite Movies

Blazing Saddles, Caddyshack, Lord of War

Favorite Books

Ethnis: Destruction

Favorite Games

The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 4

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29 Apr, 2018 07:18

Thanks for the favorite!

14 May, 2018 16:12

Thank you for your interest in my work.

2 Jul, 2018 20:07

Ah I just saw that you commented on my recipes! Thanks so much for comments <3

25 Aug, 2018 02:02

Like your profile pic

20 Jul, 2018 01:17

Thanks for the fav!

25 Aug, 2018 02:01

Thanks for the Follow, I wish I had more up for you to look at

23 Oct, 2018 18:04

Thanks for the likes and comment :D

4 Dec, 2018 20:29

Thanks for the follow man (Go team Ethnis). Going to try to write something that I want to leave in public view this year.

4 Dec, 2018 21:52

Hahah, well I'm excited to see it friend! Keep up the great work and thanks for supporting Ethnis.

4 Dec, 2018 23:59

Thanks for following Istaria! I hope you enjoy exploring and feel free to leave feedback! Cheers!

14 Dec, 2018 21:08

Thanks for faving my story!

1 Apr, 2019 19:39

Thanks for the favorite, sir!

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