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Elias A.

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Hello to whoever is reading this! I am Elias and a soon to be 17 highschool student from the mountainous reaches of far Northern India. Ever since I was a kid, i read any fantasy book i could get my hands on and watched sci fi shows, movies and stuff as well as their fantasy cousins. Anime was also a big inspiration for me in worldbuilding since i analysed Attack on titan and Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, both of them being two of my most favorite anime for worldbuilding. While the first ideas of my world, Ad infinitum are a good decade old, It wasn't till I was 12 years since i got the main idea after playing my first game of Tabletop Warhammer 40k, which was probably the biggest source of my inspiration. I put that down due to some personal reasons and my story stagnated till one night on October when I found out WA through r\worldbuilding. I didn't like that server much and got into WA. Not only did it rekindle the flame of worldbuilding inside of me, It changed my entire life quite a bit due to the friendliness and the kindness of the community and some special kindness i recieved from some of my supporters throughout the course of my worldbuilding journey   I don't have much to say about my personal stuff. I am a 193cm tall male, Likes anime and worldbuilding, likes to sleep a lot since he is a chronic insomniac and loves snowy , cold and dark places like Scandinavia. Speaking of which, anything related to that region gets my full interest since i am quite a bit obsessed with the culture, nature and people of those regions, having had some very good friends online come from Scandinavia. I am currently in the penultimate year of my highschool and plan on getting a degree in Engineering and Biotech with a secondary focus on game design studies because it sounds cool and fun as heck. I am an avid dnd and TTRPG nerd as well , Having played dnd for almost a decade If my dumb Indian brain and memory serves me correctly. That said, I wrote all of this just because i was bored and didn't have anything to do while writing this so I think i shall stop here. To anyone who is reading this, May you have a great day and a great life of success and worldbuilding!

Interests & Hobbies

Worldbuilding and gathering knowledge as well as watching anime

Favorite Movies

Dark night rises, Shawshank redemption, World war 2 movies, war movies, Interstellar, Lord of the rings trilogy, etc

Favorite TV Series

Game of thrones, Narcos,The strain, Daredevil. Attack on titan, Hellsing Ultimate, Drifters, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death note, DBZ, Bleach, Code Geass, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Made in Abyss, Inuyasha, Boku no hero Academia.

Favorite Books

Mistborn trilogy, Stormlight Archives , Fantasy novels, Sci fi novels, A song of ice and fire, Scifantasy novels, Malazan series, Lotr Trilogy, The reckoners trilogy and a lot of others

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson, JRR Tolkien, GRRM, Patrick Rothfuss, Steven Erikson

Favorite Games

Dead space anthology, Dark souls trilogy, Bloodborne, Shadow of Mordor, Elder scrolls V Skyrim, Monster hunter world, Wolfenstein the new order and collosus, Men of war assault squad 2, Warhammer 40k Space marine, 40k dawn of war series, especially dawn of war winter assault, 40k Eternal crusade, Elder scrolls IV Oblivion and a lot of others

Comments & Feedback

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13 Dec, 2018 12:51

Thanks for the follow ^-^

18 Dec, 2018 13:50

Thanks for the follow and the fav!

18 Dec, 2018 13:52

No problem. Lets rock worldember together

18 Dec, 2018 13:53

That's the spirit!

23 Dec, 2018 04:59

Thanks for the follow! :)

26 Dec, 2018 07:50

No problem friend. Lets rock worldember together and feel free to contact me on discord at any time. Mine is Bloodclaw XII| Ad infinitum|. Give yours if you dont mind and then we can talk more freely

8 Jan, 2019 20:23

Thank you for the follow :D

9 Jan, 2019 15:41

Your welcome Luna. Keep rocking on!

13 Jan, 2019 14:28

Thanks for the follow! Although worth noting you did follow the old test draft, so you may want to follow the current draft of Old World Ashes.

17 Jan, 2019 02:17

Thanks for the follow

18 Jan, 2019 20:23

Thank you very much for the follow!

19 Jan, 2019 14:43

No problem. Feel free to contact me on discord at anytime you like!

19 Jan, 2019 19:48

Thank you friend. Glad you liked the elves!

19 Jan, 2019 22:48

Thanks for the follow on The New World. ^^

21 Jan, 2019 18:54

Thanks for liking the humans!

23 Jan, 2019 12:32

Thanks for the follow! :)

23 Jan, 2019 14:13

No problem! Ikigai is an extremely good world and i shall read more of it in the coming days if i have the time!

24 Jan, 2019 02:42

X3 Thank you! (and thanks for all the likes OwO )

2 Feb, 2019 02:31

Thanks for the follow!

18 Feb, 2019 20:30

Thank you for following my world! My first follow that I didn't need to coerce out of a friend. I hope I don't disappoint.

19 Feb, 2019 09:42

thank you so much for the follow!

24 Feb, 2019 16:16

Thanks for the like!

24 Feb, 2019 16:21

You deserve it mate! Keep up the great work!

14 Mar, 2019 22:48

Thanks for following me

11 Apr, 2019 18:23

TYSM for the like!

22 Apr, 2019 18:00

Thanks for a follow on Bloodlines!

24 Apr, 2019 00:22

Hey, thanks for the follow! I haven't been as active on here recently but your welcome to look around my worlds all you like. :)



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