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Perpetum's Letters of Conquest


Hello. I am a writer currently trying to publish his first book. My greatest inspiration for writing was (and is) Sir Terrance Pratchett of the Discworld. Ever since I read The Colour of Magic, my perspective towards the fantasy genre changed forever. Now, I prefer to use it for the sake of lighthearted, comical story-telling instead of the gritty, more serious style it is more commonly associated with.   I adore writing, I adore worldbuilding. My mind spends more time in the lands and stories I create than in my life, which is not necessarily a good thing... at all.   I am currently set on reading all Discworld novels, having stumbled upon them in 2017. I am also among the ranks of impatient fans waiting for GRRM to publish his next volume of ASOIAF. The current books I am reading are the First Law's six novels, from Joe Abercrombie.   I have published one book on Amazon, and a second one is on its way.

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