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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an iconic building or landmark representing a location
A total of 312 entries

Arboreal Cathedral of Voga

The Palace of the Kings of Nasse

Shalheir, the Spire of Myrnava

The Grand Underground Gardens of the Guilds

The Nachtnebel family hotel and gallery

Cathedral of the Church of Dross

House of the Five and Three

The Great Gaming Hall of Quarowl

Prompt 19: The Heart of Salire

Onyx pillar of Morbyostok

The University of Magical Theory and Applications

The Obelisk at the End of Things

Strike for Independence Memorial

The Bufon Ancestral Spawning Ponds

Morgan Hammond Memorial Park

The Sanctuary of Transcendence

The Cathedral Basilica of Charitable Eldeildatur

Federal Anfieden Assembly Hall

The Sovereign Obelisk, Cradle of the Five-Cities

Die weißen Felsen von Lacdore

Twilight Tower a.k.a. Starrise Tower

Grand Cathedral of the Sarakanian Orthodoxy

The Northern and Southern World Trees

The delightful Model Village of Super Evil Castle Place

Ancient Mystic Life Grand Center of Operations

Die Neuen hängenden Gärten

Woodangees National Culinary Institute

Temple of the Creators - The Sion Trinity