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The Gilded Cage

An islet on the Shar just off the coast of a small fishing village. There is but one wooden dock, suited for the rowboats that are a person's sole means of reaching the islet, and a single path through the trees to what was once an impressively large building.   Even at its peak, it didn't hold much beyond a small forest cultivated by migrating birds and a single building built by Domians. Square in design with all exits, save for the main gate, pointing inwards to a courtyard the building's use began as an insane asylum and this remained its sole use for many years. Then, at around 500 HC, a single willow was planted within the courtyard. This willow was surrounded by a fence crafted from a rare alloy of infitialis and iron. Over the years, it warped the tree, turning it hollow in more ways than one.   Just as the willow was corrupted, so was the asylum's original purpose. Outwardly, it was known as a prison with a reputation where those transported to the islet never returned. In truth, it became something of an experiment in torture. Captured hedgewitches were brought across the water and fed to the willow in an attempt to understand the connection these dwarves had to plant life.   It ultimately fell when there were no more hedgewitches to be found and the willow turned on its creators, consuming every living thing within its reach. It sat there for centuries more whilst the building that once protected the world beyond from the warped tree's influence slowly succumbed to the elements. During this time, the willow would call out to anything that dared go near the islet, giving the place a reputation of being haunted, despite humans and elves being unable to hear the tree's cries.   In 1902 AES, the willow was personally burnt to the roots by Darshan vris Mhanek who gifted the land to the dwarven Coven of Hedgewitches, the first of any such transfer in recorded history.
51 AES
Founding Date
1153 HC
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