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Known World of the Spellster Universe

Year 1902

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Due to wars and the lack of documentation, characters within the spellster series know of two continents. Only one has been populated as the frozen wasteland to the north is considered entirely uninhabitable. The sole habitable continent is called the Known World, although dwarves once referred to it as the Mother. The land is illuminated by a single sun and has but one, moderate-sized moon.   The climate on the main continent is quite varied, with deserts to the south and an icier mountain land to the north. Three large lakes are situated in the middle. Several small islands surround the continent, with most being inhabited. The most densely-populated of these being the large island of Talfaltan, followed closely by the smaller set of islands in the south collectively called the Independent Isles.   Of the continent itself, the inner empire of Udynea is the most cultivated and resource-hungry, with the desert empires of Niholia and Stamekia being not that far behind. These three empires often trade amongst themselves as they hold similar ideals. To the north, Tirglas, Demarn, Dvärghem, Obuzan and Cezhory are all relatively self-sufficient, relying only on a small fraction of trade. Further to the north-eastern corner of the continent are the elven lands of Heimat, which prefers to remain entirely reclusive.   Both wild and domesticated animals roam the land. Predators such as bears are found more to the north, with striped and spotted cats roaming the tropical lands to the south. Snakes appear more in warmer climes, as do crocodiles. Deer, wild pigs and goats are found all over the land as well as their domesticated kin (alongside cattle and sheep).   Beyond personal articles, much of what is written here is done so from the viewpoint of the dwarven hedgewitch, Katarina Jordensdotter.