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Those who wish to join the ranks must take up an apprenticeship that consists of spending a minimum of a month in basic studies within the Mother Tree at Tovehalvön, then several years of training alongside a hedgewitch who is prepared to take them under their wing. During their time within the Mother Tree, apprentices are forbidden to engage in any sexually intimate activities (even a seemingly innocent kiss) and will not be considered to fully claim the title of hedgewitch without also taking a vow of celibacy.   Whilst becoming a hedgewitch in the olden days wasn't possible if not born with the innate abilities, those who take up the mantle now must be a dwarf, or dwarf-claimed individual, and completely devote themselves to the Coven's wishes and the cause of recovering ancestral knowledge from any ruins that are recovered not only in Dvärghem, but throughout the known world. To that end, they are expected to forsake the very idea of romantic partners or parenthood.



Whilst many human studies would divide their efforts into the subfields of archaeology, linguistics and social-cultural. Hedgewitches are expected to be adept in identifying all forms of ancient dwarven life. They spend a great deal of their years venturing to far-off regions of the continent to satisfy their main task of documentating of any and all signs of ancestorial habitation. This often leads them far from their homeland, where the destructive tendencies of human habitation have yet to reach. Even then, with the nomadic nature of ancient dwarves, findings are often few and far between. This means that hedgewitches have a reputation for recording every scrap of knowledge they encounter for the archives in Tovehalvön, which are open to all who wish to enter, be they dvarg, elven or human.

Social Status

The nature of being a hedgewitch is both a high rank in dwarven culture and a life-long profession. Considered akin to lords or professors, they are well-respected amongst both dwarven and human societies, those who take up the profession bring great pride to their family line, even though doing so typically means the end of that branch.   Because of how knowledgable they are, and in difference to their past, it is rare for a hedgewitch to be stripped of their title. Those who cause rifts are merely reassigned to areas where they are less troublesome.


In the days before humans, hedgewitches were the leaders of the various dwarven clans scattered across the continent. They were born with the ability to commune with all varieties of flora, a power that was unique from the invading humans and their spellster magic. It assisted them in guiding their people through the lands and it what kept them from total annihilation in the beginning years of human colonisation. This ability was lost due to Ancient Domian's (and later the early Udynea Empire) insatiable desire to know where this power came from and claim it as their own. By the time both empires, old and young, accepted they couldn't harness the dwarven power, the last hedgewitch had already been taken to her death on their Gilded Cage.   Without the hedgewitches to guide them, the remaining dwarven clans managed to reach what is now known as Dvärghem and create a new society. Under the Mother Tree, the leaders formed the Coven, which took on the duties of the old hedgewitches. Over time, new members were added with the goal of covertly retrieving any remains of their ancestry, this is the basis for modern hedgewitches.   Over the thousands of years since human habitation, the hedgewitches have come to be known as more than mere archaeologists. Because of how used to travelling all over the land they are, the Coven often uses them as representatives within the human courts, although few have a permanent placement there, where they leverage their treaties to gain access to places otherwise barred to people.   Being that few dwarves wander outside of Dvärghem's boundaries, they're also often the only reference of dwarves for foreigners.
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