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The method the hedgewitches of old used to speak with the plantlife has long been lost to the dwarven people. Whilst many records of the times before humans are limited to what has been excavated in remote areas, the knowledge, if not the ability, of earthspeak is believed to be embedded in the blood. Although many have tried, there is no way to force this connection.   There are many tales speaking of how hedgewitches, through their connection with every growing thing, from humble blades of grass to the mighty tree that is Tovehalvön, were capable of guiding their people in a life of balance with nature. It is said that the plants spoke to the hedgewitches not in words, but in impressions of senses and movements that a mind interpreted as such. Some could even get flashes of images, typically from longer-living plants such as trees and bushes. Those unable to communicate may witness the odd shift of a leaf or a branch creaking when there is no wind to move them.   Apart from keeping harmony with the land, earthspeak was invaluable when it came to learning the position of Warped Trees, although confronting the twisted plants would cause much pain as hedgewitches were often targeted.    


Whilst no dvärg has ever been recorded hearing even a whisper of nature since the tragic loss of the true hedgewitches, there are rumours that the Udynea Empire's current vris Mhanek has gained a similar ability. It is unknown how a spellster, never mind a human, was capable of such a feat.
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