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Known as dwarves throughout much of the known world, what constitutes a member of the dvärg is the subject of much conversation.   Whilst most lands now days have treaties with the nation of Dvärghem, relations between humans and dwarves was not always so amicable. The empire of Domian—and later that of the Udyneans—was a constant threat of those clans who'd made a home near their borders. Young hedgewitches were often stolen and never seen from again. Given that both nations enslave prisoners of war, it is quite likely that this was their fate. Whilst the official stance within the Coven of Hedgewitches is that all has been forgiven, there are many sects who are displeased with the arrangement that has lasted for thousands of years.   Despite humans having once all-but-wiped up the dwarven people, they don't show the same bigotry towards dvärg as is freely given to the elves in many nations, perhaps due to the dwarven features being similar to humans to the untrained eye.

Naming Traditions

Family names

There is no set family name. Rather, they are taken by adding one of three suffixes (dotter, son or ättling, depending on whether they are a woman, man or non-binary) to the end of their parent's name. This alternates from one parent to the other depending on how many a family have.


Culture and cultural heritage

Everyone knows that the dvärg of old worked with nature, far more so than they do now. What most do not realise is that they were connected far deeper than that. There are tales stretching back to when the Coven of Hedgewitches was known as the High Circle and hedgewitches were the leaders of small clans rather than archaeologists.   Whilst dwarves claim no affinity towards the magic of the human and the elven spellsters, the old scrolls tell of these hedgewitches having the ability to speak with the trees and track their way across the earth, the strongest amongst them even possessing the power to have the very ground come to their aid when in danger.

Art & Architecture

Given that dvärg are an arboreal people, there is very little evidence of structures save for a few walled spaces denoting where Warped Trees were cut off from the rest of the land and the occasional lava forge was utilised for casting bronze weapons, both methods that the dwarves have abandoned.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Being tied to the earth as they are, their custom is to bury a deceased as close to the roots of a tree as possible in the hope that they are guided back into the fold of the world.


Beauty Ideals

In basic appearance, Dvärg have become indistinct from humans over the centuries. This leads to much confusion, especially for any who travel beyond the borders of Dvärghem. This is a superficial difference for dwarves are far sturdier than the average human and have a similar range of sight and hearing to the elves.
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