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Ye who dare tread near the Burgoda, beware! For beneath its beguiling facade lies a labyrinth of perilous paths and shadowy secrets. Many a brave soul has been ensnared by the cursed allure of this place, never to emerge again. Venture forth with utmost caution, for once you enter, the Burgoda's grip may never release you.
— Ancient Warning Sign near the Burgoda
The Burgoda is an enigmatic entryway located on the surface of Culinaria that leads into the depths of Burgoda City, an ancient underground metropolis. This mystical gateway, shrouded in legend and mystery, is believed to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the past and the fate of the city.


The origins of the Burgoda can be traced back to an ambitious vision of a renowned architect and culinary enthusiast, whose name has been lost to the annals of history. Inspired by the profound connection between food and spirituality, this visionary sought to create a structure that would embody the harmony and fusion of these two realms.
Construction of the Burgoda commenced with master craftsmen, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the project. The architectural design blended the grace and elegance of traditional pagodas with the whimsical and mouthwatering elements of the burger. The result was a breathtaking masterpiece that defied conventional categorization.
  Over the centuries, the Burgoda Building stood witness to the ebb and flow of history. It weathered wars, political turmoil, and societal changes, becoming a silent guardian of the Burger Plains' cultural heritage. The building served as a gathering place for community celebrations, spiritual ceremonies, and the passing down of culinary traditions from one generation to the next.  
It was during this time of forgotten glory that an ancient Cinderscale Dragon known as Gnashgullet, driven by a thirst for power, set its sights on the Burger Plains. The beast wreaked havoc, threatening to devour the very essence of the region. The Burgermeister, a legendary figure of the Burger Plains, rose to the occasion and led a valiant battle against the dragon. In a climactic showdown, the Burgermeister managed to banish Gnashgullet into the depths beneath the Burgoda.
  Since that fateful battle, the Burgoda has remained a place of intrigue and mystery. It now serves as the gateway to a vast underground city, where the remnants of the once-thriving civilization reside. The city, known as Burgoda City, is inhabited by dangerous creatures and guarded by the echoes of the Burgermeister's triumphs and the secrets of the Goudavichna family.
Location: Burger Plains
Status: Abandoned
Inhabitants: None
Legends speak of hidden chambers, forgotten treasures, and ancient artifacts that lie dormant within the depths of Burgoda City. Adventurers and scholars alike are drawn to the Burgoda, seeking to unravel its mysteries and uncover the remnants of a bygone era.


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20 Jul, 2023 13:06

My favourite part is that the roofs kind of look like burger buns, which is probably intentional. :D What a mysterious place.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
21 Jul, 2023 04:07

Hahahahah definitely intentional! I kept getting them too close to macaroons, but I think I'm finally happy with how they turned out. Spooky scary Burgoda xD

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24 Jul, 2023 17:48

One of the things I love most about this world is that you can have these super intriguing worldbuilding prospects and articles, and it's all just about burger pagodas. #burgers4eva !!

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.
Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
24 Jul, 2023 22:22

Thank you! That's exactly the vibe I try to keep in Culinarypunk. I want people to be able to tell all sorts of stories in Culinaria, silly or serious, even if it's about a burger bun pagoda holding dark secrets or a war between hot dog condiments xD

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24 Jul, 2023 23:50

Oh yeah, it fits the vibe check :) Especially the condiment war (#justice for Colonel Mustard)

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.
26 Jul, 2023 02:52

Two words: Goudavichna family.

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16 Aug, 2023 00:48

Culinarypunk is easily one of my favorite worlds this year. The puns! The aesthetics! The food! The tragic demise of a massive power hungry cinderscale to the depths of the depths...under the BURGODA XD <3

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
11 Oct, 2023 22:31

Thank you!! Summercamp this year was so much fun, I don't think I've giggled as much during a single event. Here's looking toward a more giggly WorldEmber!!

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