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Hiii friends! Welcome to Luridity! I am in the process of updating my homepage with some shiny new organization so you can find all the sweet and/or kinky things your heart desires. In the meantime, you can read the things here if you want to catch the cyberpunk romance (and erotica) set in this galaxy!
Cybernetic technology ever accelerates into the future, while neglected infrastructures and utilities crumble inward and backward as if chased by the past. The whims of the powerful change daily at the expense of the powerless. Still, Luridity's people call their respective slices of the Galaxy--in this reality and on the virtual Network many plug into--"home".
  Living here are clan- and pack-bound Kynd, minorities like humans and extranaturally gifted aliens, and even smaller groups of society-forming species. They exist, ultimately, as people do when they've little agency in the paths taken by stars: they eat, sleep, work, date, dream, lust, escape, hope, fear, explore, mate, fight, play, imagine, collaborate, try...everything and anything to survive.

Let the elite argue, spend ceaselessly, and play their games of territory, bribery, trade, and governance.

  Everyfolk else will live.

About the Galaxy

Want to dig deeper into Luridity's people and cultures? Discover characters and species over at Meet the People, get the galactic overview with Luridity Galaxy Basics, and finally, for a bit about me and the reason why I'm writing the things pay a visit to the Notes from the Author! <3

Generic article | Nov 26, 2022

Everyday people strive to make little moments matter in the cyberpunk dystopian galaxy of Luridity. Come and discover who they are, how they got here, and catch glimpses of their pasts, presents, and secrets!


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