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Here you'll find information all about the individuals, families and cultural groups who live and love in Luridity Galaxy! I've divided Meet the People into two parts: Character Gallery and Peoples of Luridity. Explore the Character Gallery to get a quick view of the people who have starring roles in the articles and stories set in Luridity. The Peoples of Luridity section has an overview of the sapient species in the galaxy, as well as a few offshoots with unique cultures of their own.  

Character Gallery

These are far from the only characters in Luridity. They're just the ones who have completed bios, more or less, with at least image placeholders and all the stats you'd expect to see on a basic character overview. If you're looking for info about a specific person not seen here, let me know and I'll do what I can to get it to this list sooner! PS: Subscribers get priority on bumping up their favorites ;)

Peoples of Luridity

Please note that Luridity is a constantly growing galaxy! As such, there may be articles which have not yet been written. While you wait for the peoples you'd like to know more about to have their information collected and shared here, the Luridity Galaxy Basics article gives a concise listing of sapient species as well.


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