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~~ Grab some flicks, it's not a schtick, it's porn, porn, porn! ~~

The collective group known as the Entreporneurs are they themselves a group of asexual former sexdroids built to perfection and representative of a variety of species. Their community lives and works on a fleet of spaceships full of elaborate sets and dressing rooms, posh living quarters and all the other amenities the actors and actresses who fly with them could want, in order to fund their desire to explore and entertain--and be entertained by--the galaxy.   Driven by a need for funds to provide for their sex trade retirement, the Entreporneurs banded together to form a co-op that would serve as a common point of income due to its galactic export.  

Their export?

The lucrative business of porn.

Sentience Development

Certain androids in various roles over the centuries in Luridity have been know to form a clear, individual-being sentience over time. Some, having been employed in the popular and profitable AI sex business, discover after years of lucrative service and their own individual development, that they actually have an aversion to the act of sex.   Rather than turn themselves over for deactivation--or wait for a dissatisfied owner to do so for them--these sexdroids go on the run and "retire". Though some bounties are put forth, these androids have been programmed to fit in visually with the species they represent, and due to rapid learning capabilities, they can often blend seamlessly into a community before bounty hunters are able to catch up.

Retired sexdroids choose various paths which further develop their sentience and their "self":
  • Intensive self-discovery, which often involves learning new trades to find a fulfilling one
  • Studies of other species (often the one they appear to be), which usually involves a "live among them" anthropological approach
  • Fields of employment that allow a broader interaction with various lifeforms to study--including food service and retail
  • Exploration of the galaxy at large at their own whims
  Space travel not being cheap, this last group often burns through their savings with the ferocity of a tornado. It was that side effect of their choices that first brought them to work together to find a means of income.   Of course, because their export has brought them so much notoriety they are able to have a fleet out in the open, and their highly visible community provides additional protections from bounties. Bounty hunters see androids who have become part of this culture as provisionally untouchable, so long as they continue to produce quality recordings.


As they are created by purveyors of porn with a wealth of sexual knowledge and history between their collective AI, Entreporneurial products are top of the line and feature the best of the best specimens from every species and for every preference or kink.   Often this results in large-scale talent scouting events of such extravagance that the Entreporneurs popularity continues to rise.  

As Seen In

In Fate and Sascha's short, Anatomy 101, Fate treats Sascha to Entreporneurial content of a variety of alien species to prepare her for a new mission. (For a sneak peek, check out the excerpt in the sidebar!)
"These are top shelf titties." Fate tried to keep the amusement from his voice as he added, "I'm just saying, the Entreporneurial robots know their stuff."   "Where was this mission again?" Sascha asked through clenched teeth.   He turned away under the pretense of rummaging for another snack so she wouldn't see the grin on his face. "Galactic offices of--"   "An office building. Not like, a brothel or anything?"   "Yeah, an office," he replied. "You'll have to interview to get in."   "Fate--"   "No no, don't thank me..." Managing to stifle a combination of a laugh and a cough in his throat, he added the zinger. "I know how anxious you get on the spot like that, so we've got to make sure you can successfully picture them naked to calm your nerves."
— ~Excerpt from Anatomy 101

  Despite similar underlying technology, Entreporneurs often look quite different on the outside, depending on which sentient species they were originally created to emulate.

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You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
Luridity: Where love is love and life is lived. Contains NSFW content.
Now with serialized fiction on Ream!!
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