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Unable to die; Cursed to wander

These titanic divinities ruled and shaped Cathedris in the early days of its history -- full of magic, energy, and life, they changed the world as they saw fit. They existed for long enough that no one's really sure where they came from.

And then they died. They've been husks of their former selves ever since, and we've had to live in the shadows they cast.
— Historian of the gods
  In the early days of Cathedran history, the planet was ruled and shaped by the 14 gods that walked the planets surface. They stood as tall as mountains, with the ability to shape reality as they saw fit. Where these titanic beings came from, historians aren't sure -- some theorize they always existed, while others put forth the idea that they were once regular humans, and something that fell from the sky changed them. No matter the origin, the gods had a huge impact on Cathedris; that impact was made even greater when all but 1 of them broke out into brutal combat during The Seven Day War, fighting to the "death".  

Beings of Power

Each god appeared to resonate with some certain core ideals or concepts -- some, like Qur, embodied the very spirit of creation and the sun, while others were connected to less concrete ideals, like Avartarian being the god of Victory. It is thought that these ideals were not intrinsic to each god, but rather chosen by the gods as what they found most important to their reality.  
The gods embodied these ideals and tenets in a myriad of ways; their actions, what they created, and even their appearance were dictated by the core of their personal belief. Of course, the way the gods processed these ideals was often a mystery to mere mortals, and fully making the connection between their appearances and what the gods stood for is difficult to do.   Now, especially in death, the God-husks are an enigma, studied by Entheologists and worshipped by all.

Just Like Us

The flesh, bones, blood, and structure of the God-husks appears at base level to be similar to humans -- however, it's enhanced and so infused with magic that it becomes nigh impossible to study without magical accidents occurring. In particular, their blood, Ichor, is dangerous -- yet incredibly useful for Catalurgy.
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Genetic Descendants

Spectacle and Industry

The industrious humans of Cathedris won't let any opportunity to make money or further the human species pass them by -- and massive God-husks are no different. Some particularly daring people like to set up tours near, and sometimes very near, the God-husks, as a form of Danger-Tourism. God-husks like Qur and Avartarian are popular destinations.   Other people choose a different, but similar path -- they use the movements or consequences of the giant God-husk's actions to their benefit. Fishing boats trawl the shallow oceans behind Sharenskus, as the muddy water kicked up by his slow, massive strides, trigger a feeding frenzy in his wake.  

Monstrous Offspring

When gods bleed, mortals flee in terror. Even in their sorry, broken state, the God-husks have incredible amounts of power running through their veins. The God-husks old wounds still gape and seep to this day, spilling this terrifyingly powerful corrupting blood to the ground -- should creatures, or even sometimes just organic matter, touch this blood, they can become monsters.

No Rest for the Deceased

The God-husks are surprisingly useful, in their mindless ways. The Russinians like to fish behind theirs, behind Sharenskus, and I'm pretty sure the Degrundans have figured out how to get Codod to forge metal for them.
— A speculative Entheologist
Roughly 3,000 years ago, a war broke out between all 14 gods that shattered the skies, the planet, and the gods. The motives behind the war are lost to the years, and all historians can do now is speculate on what they think nearly ended the world so long ago.   No matter the motives, some scraps have history have made it clear what kicked the war off -- the brutal murder of He'an by an unknown rival god. This act blew the continent of Apathae in half, and started a seven day long battle as every other god suddenly found excuse to act on millennia-old grudges and slights. In the end, with the explosive final battle between Qur and Avartarian, none were left "living" -- all reduced to husks.

The fighting was cataclysmic for humanity on Cathedris. Ash clouds, earthquakes, lava flows, and tsunamis circled the globe. Most humans died out during this period, and the rest had to figure out how to live along-side their now broken gods. Thus, overtime as humanity rebuilt the world, they started to flourish in this dangerous new reality. Flora and fauna adapted to the God-husks, and humans followed suit, making use of new animal migration patterns for food. More destructive God-husks, who would rampage and destroy all in their broken state, broke rock and unearthed valuable ore that people could then go and collect afterwards.  


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Victory, Resistance
Avartarian is one of, if not the most, terrifying of all the God-husks. In death, he has become consumed by an all encompassing war with himself for victory, which has taken form as physical tumors all across the Godhusk's body. Because of this war, because of the pain, Avartarian rages constantly. On the upside, he creates quite a show for any would-be Danger-Tourists that want to watch.

Victory at any cost.
— Avartarian


Current Location:
Shattered Isles
Former God Of:
Balance, Law
Trapped upon a large island, and kept in a cruel parody of balance, Dimiti remains near motionless at all times. Literally and physically stabbed in the back at the moment of his death, with a large liquid filled basin growing from the wound, Dimiti is mindlessly trapped in this state. Nearly constantly "bleeding", and producing more Rendlings than many think the Legion can handle.

Pure balance accounts for all.
— Dimiti


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Combat, Mastery
The God-husk Miyu sways in an invisible wind, always in motion and never stopping. Through her chest, a massive gaping hole shows -- the mark left by Qur when he killed her during the Godly Civil War. That alone was not to stop the goddess of combat, who's mastery knew no bounds. In the end, it took the additional efforts of Avartarian to finally slay the deadly goddess.

The mind follows the body.
— Miyu


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Sight, Mind
The mysterious god of sight and mind, Qetzel, enjoyed invoking the ire of other gods that existed near him. In particular, Qetzel would toy with Avartarian -- saying he could see the end result, and would enjoy watching the chaos. Some think he knew of the eventual downfall the gods would experience, but others dismiss the theory, as Qetzel did nothing to stop the war.

Open your mind's eye.
— Qetzel


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Creation, The Sun
Qur, above all else, believed in the potential of creation, and the potential of humanity. In life, he liked to push humans as far as possible, sometimes to breaking points, for them to advance, succeed, and build. In death, that passion has overtaken him -- he cyclically destroys, rebuilds, smashes, and modifies the landscape around him, sometimes flattening half of Apathae in the process.

I can see the power within.
— Qur


Current Location:
Raktana, next to The Comprilith
Former God Of:
Space, Learning
Raktos paid little attention to humanity while she still lived, and in death, she pays even less. Before the godly civil war, Rak'tos and T'kalia valued knowledge above all else, and using their powers of space and time, built The Comprilith to store it all outside of both time and space. The tower was not completed before the war, and remains twisted and broken, like its caretakers T'kalia and Rak'tos.

Seek to understand, not know.
— Rak'tos


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Oceans, Russin
Sharenskus rarely, if ever, stepped foot onto dry land. As a living god, he preferred to stay wandering the shallow oceans, paying more attention to the flow of water and the aquatics within than the humans that followed him. Still, he found enjoyment in assisting some humans -- in particular the humans of Russin; he cherished them, taught them to fish, and protected them from the dangers of the ocean.

Let the waves wash over you.
— Sharenskus


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Humanity, Love
He'an was similar to Qur in their love of humans, but He'an's was more pure and simple. To them, humanity was perfect the way they were, and were deserving of infinite love -- something the god received in return from the humans. This created jealousy, and He'an became the first to die when one of the gods killed them and blasted them into space, beginning the whole civil war.

Never change, you're perfect.
— He'an


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Smithing, Protection
In the dangerous cold north of Apathae, Codod took pride in the strength of her body and in the protections she built, as without them, the ones she loved and watched over would surely perish. Codod and her partner Farad together were known as the Winter Giants, the forge gods responsible for protecting large swathes of humanity, and for producing all of the other gods incredible weapons and armor.

Focus on what grounds you.
— Codod


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Forging, Passion
The fires of passion burned bright within Farad, radiating out as a heat so intense it could melt any substance. Farad took this passion into every facet of life, and taught the humans near him to live life with the same energy he did. Farad's fire in conjunction with Codod's smithing were an unbeatable combination, as together they could build nearly anything, infusing it with as much magic as their bodies could bring.

Find your fire.
— Farad

Old King Caed

Current Location:
Caed's Island, Rillia
Former God Of:
Loyalty, Silence
Sometimes known as the Honorable Silence, Caed's origin and what he stood for are the most mysterious of all the gods. Rarely ever speaking, few written documents contain any information about him today. What is known is that the other gods felt strong loyalty to Caed; in many ancient documents, reverence for Caed from among the the other gods has been found mentioned multiple times.

— Old King Caed


Current Location:
Former God Of:
Beauty, Grace
Tatete believed in the beauty of every day life, and the grace of those living it. To her, the mere fact that reality existed was beautiful; she approached interaction with care and love. She strove to serve as an example to her followers, for how to better treat the world upon which they lived. Tatete also went by "The Goddess of Small Friends", due to her penchant for creating tiny animals.

Aspire for beauty.
— Tatete


Current Location:
Theah Prieah, next to The Comprilith
Former God Of:
Time, Information
T'kalia waded through time like Sharenskus through water. He loved it, he absorbed it, but he did not change it. To him, time was the vessel of all that could be understood. T'kalia was known to be slow to speak and rare to respond. Though, there was one that could always grab his attention: the cyclical god that he loved, Xiuthan -- who was the one to kill and fracture T'kalia, as well as the time he held so dear.

Patience is the truest virtue.
— T'kalia


Current Location:
Kazcallen desolation plains
Former God Of:
Decay, Growth
Life begets death begets life, and in the center of that cycle stood Xiuthan. Her followers understood that decay was as much a part of life as growth; they minded not their death, but loved the new life it'd bring. Xiuthan was loved by T'kalia, but it's unknown if that was ever reciprocated. In her end, death is all that remained -- and thus she's become an icon of decay, surrounded by death

Live, die and become one.
— Xiuthan


Inherent Magic

Humanity found more and more uses for the God-husks over the years -- most recently, humans found a use for the blood of the God-husks, Ichor. When Ichor is taken, and pumped into a person's body that contains a special artificial organ, that person gains the ability to do magic, known as Catalurgy. Catalurgists soon learned that Ichor taken from specific God-husks allowed for specific types of magic.   Humanity, of course, capitalized on this discovery. Governments began to stockpile Ichor in an arms race to have the most, and the best, Catalurgists. Collecting the Ichor itself was no easy feat either, and thus specialized teams needed to be developed to better allow for the sourcing of the magic blood.


  • Dimiti
  • Codod
  • Farad
  • Transmutive

  • Rak'tos
  • Tatete
  • Qetzel
  • Well, you've got your Genesists -- they're the ones that can use magic to make things, usually temporary things, but sometimes permanent. Then, there's the Transmutists. A Transmutist can take something that already exists, and as long as they understand what they're looking at, modify and change its properties. Finally, there's Aurists, and they're actually the most common of the lot. Aurists use magic to infuse the electromagnetic field around them with power. They use it for themselves, or project the field away as an attack.
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    Catalurgy instructor.

    Prayers to the God-husks

    The gods, what they used to stand for, and what form they are currently in are the main initiators for many religions across Cathedris. Most offer their hopes and prayers to the God-husks in silence, uttering them to none but themselves, or occasionally their closest companions.   In some cases, Entheologists will work as "interpreters" for these prayers, questions or hopes. They'll take their knowledge of the God-husks, and respond to the questions as if it were the god themselves answering. These back-and-forths between mortal and "interpreted god" can be private events, but in many cases take place in public areas, with crowds of people offering their questions to one or more Entheologist interpreters.  

    Ask questions of your own and read the gods' responses below

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    Prayers to the God-husks

    To all ye faithful of the old gods, the ones who once commanded the world but now trudge brokenly across its shattered surface, offer to them your prayers and hopes, your questions and inquiries!   From within the twisted minds of the behemoths we toil under may come advice, wisdom, or answers you know not. All responses, of course, shall be interpreted by our most well experienced Entheologists -- yet, still delivered to you as if it were the God-husk themselves uttering those words.   Unsure of who you want to ask? Take a look at all God-husks available to talk to here:
    Species | Aug 4, 2022

    An overview of the gigantic beings that were once the gods of Cathedris; now reduced to broken husks that mindlessly wander and destroy.

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    Through all your trials and triumphs, forever...   There is nothing that will ever change my love for you all...

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