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The Void Between

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We broke into heaven, and took everything that wasn't nailed down. When we got back, I couldn't help but feel off. I'm a different person out there, adrift in the black sea. I was happy when we lost our home. I thought, great. No more bills. No more work. I came to know this darker side of me, and she lied. I realized I'd never get to feel the wind in my hair again, never know the smell of the ocean, nor the feeling of tending a garden.
I don't know. On the day it all happened, I remember staring into the void with a single thought on my mind: was this what it felt like when Jekyll met Hyde?
— Invicta

There it was, the moment they all warned us about. The earth died. She left her children without a home, forever drifting in the void between. Welcome to a world of tragic wonder. A world where calls of distress are met with nothing, but silence. Sure humanity found a new home, but for many years, humans felt a nagging pain. With every stunning vista came a realization: we'd never experience it, but through a pane of glass.   We would never know the feeling of alien grass between our fingers, never know what it is to kiss in the rain of more exotic skies. Humanity aches, a romantic vision of a pathetic species. Don't worry. It's not all bad. We found our way. We may be lost, but we're not alone. There are others out here... there are so many others.

Let Us Begin

Through A Black Sea: An Introduction to The Void Between
Generic article | Mar 14, 2022
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