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Oh good, you made it! This is the story index-index, the nexus, if you will, of Luridity's novels, novellas, and short stories. Here you can browse by genre, character, and even by Zone, if you'd prefer to find stories by place instead of people.   Every tale celebrates the lives and loves of Luridity's characters as they play, work, and experience their galaxy. I know you're here for the wholesome smut with plot, adorable meetcutes, and BDSM scenarios, but when you're also in the mood to see what happens next or to dig in more deeply to a character or place, you'll also find stories where you can investigate backstories, expand on present situations, and uncover relationships outside the bedroom.   Clicking on a story will take you to that novel, novella, or short's index page, where you can see its full description and expanded details, including an expansive tag list, all content warnings, all involved characters and species, and related articles. Interactive chapter links are also provided and access is based on the following:
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Free Reads

Some Luridity stories are open for reading by anyone who drops by. In fact, most of them I will be serializing on Ream, which means early access chapters can be read there with a free account! (Paid subscribers get chapters faster, but with a follower account you will get a chapter a week.) Once done, the interactive chapter links will be activated on the story's Index page here on World Anvil and marked as either free or subscriber-only reads as I work toward publishing ebooks of the completed work!
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18+ Stories

Luridity's stories include wholesome smut of the safe, sane, and consensual variety for folks ages 18 & up. Those stories are flagged as NSFW content on World Anvil. This means if you are 18+ and want to read them, you must be logged in to your (free!) World Anvil account to access the story, and the "NSFW/18+ Content" tile under your account features must be set to Enabled. Once you've got that done, you're all set to read!
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Subscriber Content

Luridity's stories have been made possible through the awesome support of my subscribers! Your subscriptions help me focus on writing, allow me to commission cover art for ebooks, and keep this place running. To give y'all some extra special thank yous, access to some stories will remain exclusively subscriber-only. These stories are marked with a . A story's Index page and all of its tags and details are accessible to all, even if a story is in serialization or has been published as subscriber-only.
Can't access a story below? Click the above buttons to see if you're forgetting something for 18+ access! Can't access posted chapters in a story index? Check if the story is actively serializing or subscriber-only access. Can't wait to access? Become a Luridity subscriber and enjoy weekly serialized chapters of new smutty and sweetly entangled fiction!

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Story Key

Gender Designations:

trans, assigned male at birth, female
trans, assigned female at birth, male
non-binary   ^Note: Other gender identities exist in Luridity; check the story indexes for more information!

Story Length

Super short story.
up to 10k words.
up to 40k words.
typically 60k+ words.       Subscriber Only:

Story Type:

Character Backstories and prior relationship tales.
Just Friends hanging out, doing friend things.
Meaty slice of life or Action-heavy, Romance-light
Friends or more-than-friends or lovers or partners, being adorable cheesy nerds, goofing off, the occasional meetcute.
Companions or lovers or partners, doing spicy things. Kinks and/or BDSM tags are noted in Story Indexes.

Stories by Genre


Hackers, neon, information and data streams, mechanical implants, and augmented reality.


Gritty, survival of the fittest, and limited resources. Currently this genre spot also includes Owner of Underhaven stories due to the world they take place on.
More genres will go here as soon as serialization gets closer; please stay tuned!


Stories by Character


Sascha Bennett

Sascha Bennett





Jet'l Rheitt

Jet'l Rheitt


Corsan "Alex" Alexander

Corsan "Alex" Alexander

  Owner of Underhaven

Owner of Underhaven



Stories by Zone


Centralvest Zone


Eros Zone



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