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Centralvest Zone

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Centralvest Zone
Image Created With Galaxy Generator by https://loewald.com/galaxy/ and DaniAdventures, using Canva.
The Centralvest Zone is loaded with more weird technology than one can find elsewhere in Luridity Galaxy. Implanted and not cybernetic enhancements, cybernetic limbs, augmented reality, Net integration tech: all these and more are common on planets in the Centralvest star systems.   Most of the living standardizations for the transport-connected areas of the galaxy originate here, including popular galactic currencies like kitsch, calendar, many of the VID feeds, and trade routes. Even the revolutionary BioID method of personal identification started in Centralvest.    Technological advancements happen so quickly here that there are those who believe Centralvest had divine help in many developments.  One might argue otherwise, but the truth seems to slip away from attempts, even when grants for researchers are offered at exorbitant levels of funding.   Centralvest contains seven star systems and four space ports, though one of those space ports is out of commission. Galactic Security, the law for most of Luridity Galaxy, holds ownership of an entire star system here for the purposes of training recruits as well as for catching, judging, and imprisoning persons who have broken galactic law.

1: Eelis System

  An educatory guiding light as well as a font of knowledge from across Luridity, the Eelis System is dedicated to all manner of intellectually stimulating affairs. Eelis-Bound University Liaisons ease the way for new librarians, researchers, and scientists of a variety of disciplines to acquire grants, transportation, and all of the permits necessary to join the echelons of the Intellectual class.  This classification on one's bioID, obtained only via official E-BUL channels, can open many doors.  Intellectual class access, and permanent access to the Eelis System is restricted to those who dedicate their life and life's work to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge in all of its myriad forms.  Students of--and inquiries from--various disciplines are by no means denied information locked away in the libraries and record halls of Eelis's planets.  Access is readily granted through a proprietary, complex policy of bioID verification and bribery.


2: Movato System

  Movato is a star system governed by Galactic Security and bounty hunter associations, in the interest of galactic peace and to avoid conflicts of interest with corporations or local, planetary governments.  Entry and exit from the system requires validation of not only one's ship but also identity, as well as the identities of everyone else who might be on board. This was not always the case, but implemented more recently. An Academy for Galactic Security training, advertised as "taking anyone from anywhere and molding them to the perfect Security Officer", is spread across three moons which encircle the planet Lanatos.   The planet Lanatos is mostly covered by inhospitable terrain of varying degrees due to radiation, temperature, and questionable chemical activities prior to its current inhabitants. A rigid megacity has been constructed under a vast dome, and all families within are highly encouraged to send at least member to Galactic Security's Academy for training and to join the elite, getting a jump on cadets from anywhere else in the galaxy simply by association. The family member taking part can be a parent, but on Lanatos it is often children who are expected to bear the brunt of this demand, drilled in perfection and protocol and education for their single possible future, like Captain Baxton Dratiir.   Amenities in the Movato System include vast judiciary and imprisonment arrangements, import stations for bounty hunting materials and equipment, and labs for invention and bioID reconnaissance.  Barracks and small private apartments, as well as the finest medical and bionic repair services are available for working security officers and bounty hunters, perfect for recuperation between gigs and while waiting for one's next ticket to fortune.  If one is looking to hire a bounty hunter, one need look no further than the moon where it happens: Bluet.  Jobs sanctioned with firm handshakes and paid for by private citizens or the security council itself, begin and end on the ground on Bluet, from inception and initial payment to officer and hunter assignments to investigations and approvals, all the way to the final arrests, apprehensions, and/or identification of remains.  All the action in the middle, the dangerous bits between the paperwork, happen out of the system and therefore...off-book.  
Publicly Galactic Security is interested in releasing ill-meaning or misguided citizens back into the Galaxy through means of rehabilitation centers, implant corrections, debtors camps, and long-term prison work agreements.  These legal options are available throughout the Movato System.  Prisoner populations are overseen by multiple layers of security, including, in some cases, the Observation Channels, which are a collection of "illegally hacked" broadcasts delivered on public VID feeds. Though "outraged" by these channels, Security has made no move to shut down the Net-sourced VIDs, as they use the Observation Channels for a free layer of accountability and record-keeping: there is always someone watching.  For the dire crimes of unsanctioned murder, planetary destabilization, or destruction of galactic entities, the bounty will be released to the surface of the prison planet that Bluet orbits, Macedo, for the duration of their sentence.


3-7: Tammoro, Omezo, Wakuni, Veikko, and Cazimi Systems

  Cyberpunk worlds tightly connected to each other via Net meshes, augmented reality, shuttle services, and more, these five star systems are home to more corporate acronyms than they know what to do with.  Corporations make the rules on almost everything on these overcrowded and overengineered planets that make up the bulk of the Centralvest Zone.  Somewhere underneath and between the places where things are shrouded in red tape, denial, and publicity, people eat, shop, entertain themselves, and LIVE.  Not a small amount of them also deal in crime, unregulated employment, every kind of tech, body alteration, and drug you can imagine...and most of those you can't.   Cazimi is additionally home to the planet of Qirial, where Jet'l and The Cackling Cock call home.

Port: Requiem

  Discovered upon planets in the Centralvest Zone reaching their space age, Port Requiem appeared to be a hub for a number of extranaturally talented individuals.  According to the data gathered from their very dead, very frozen corpses.  A dead space port floating in orbit like an asteroid, Port Requiem was used as a blueprint for the other three ports in the star system. Other spaceports' construction consists of thicker outer and inner hulls and additional separations of port sections, as well as an array of passenger restrictions, to prevent the mass ejection of living persons into space which Requiem unfortunately appears to have experienced.

Port: Banal

  One of three functional space ports attributed to the Centralvest Zone, Port Banal serves as a popular destination for traders from distant planets, and as such rare and valuable goods can be found in every nook and cranny the port has to offer.  The port is located just outside the rim of the Zone and the number and size of ships coming in to dock remains in constant flux. Small shuttles, personal transport hoppers, space yachts, import trawlers, smuggler and trade ships, and larger passenger spaceships travel in and out of the port; many of these carry repeat customers.  The Ghet Rail even offers transit from their crossover Station to bring tourists in for shopping excursions.

Port: Luxe Risqué

  Hard Knot, a BDSM and kink-active club, is just one of many hotspots to visit here, likely unsurprising from a space port named Risqué.  Aside from the various sex-positive delights and openly advertised pleasures found throughout the levels of this port, you'll find luscious restaurants, concert halls and swing clubs (not to be confused with the other available swing clubs), luxurious hotels, bars, and all manner of avant-garde art galleries. Truly, Port Luxe Risqué risks all to provide the ultimate in all sensory experiences.  At least, that's what all the tourism bureau material says.  

Port: D'Expérience

  Speaking of experiences, the final space port, and newest, in Centralvest is Port D'Expérience.  Considered a place where the virtual is replaced by reality, it provides numerous scripted and explorable adventures for those who either do not have access to the Net, have no interest in plugging in, or just want to experience what they can have in a virtual realm right at their actual fingertips. The staff at D'Expérience plan for months in advance of a booking, which can be made by folks in relationships, groups of friends, employers looking to create unique employee outings, and even solo explorers.  Each experience on the port uses a full deck for its playground, exquisitely crafted to delight and immerse visitors in the "world" of their chosen adventure.

Cover image: by DaniAdventures (design elements via Canva, background generation by Midjourney, logo by TJ Trewin)


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You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
Luridity: Where love is love and life is lived. Contains NSFW content.
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