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Land of Broken Gods

Thousands of years ago, Cathedris existed in a peaceful state. Ruled by the fourteen colossal gods that walked its surface, the planet was in perfect equilibrium. An agreement between all of the gods had kept it that way since the beginning of the planet's history; established through the blood and effort spent by every single god.   Now though, thirteen of the Gods remain on Cathedris, and one is in space -- and they are all shells of their former selves. Ruined by civil war, the gods are mindless and soulless. They walk simple loops, carry out simple actions. Civilization has adapted to this, and evolved. Countries flourish at the feet of what are now known as God-husks. Some try to make use of whatever loop their God-husk is on; others merely try to stay out of the way.   As Cathedris makes its way into an industrial revolution, it must do so in the shadow of it's Broken Gods.


What went wrong?

Over the eons of peaceful rule, the Gods slowly shaped the planet. Partnerships were formed between key gods, combining powers and force of will to execute massive changes over long periods of time. These the bonds forming these pacts grew stronger, and eventually, permanent groups began to form among the gods. Under each god, a culture was born. Cities and nations began to flourish at the very feet of the gods. Knowledge was cultivated -- life was given purpose. Civilization began to take it's first steps forward, as Cathedris grew.  
Nothing is eternal; not even the gods, nor the tranquillity they worked so hard to upkeep. Growth could only be sustained for so long before darkness and fear sprung into existence. The tension came to a head and finally broke, with the assassination of He'an. The beautiful, 6 armed God, was favoured by many Cathedrans; He'an shared a bond with the civilations at their feet that other Gods did not possess. This jealousy turned to rage, to combat, and to death. When He'an was assassinated, a very short, brutal Civil war broke out among the gods.

Modern Day

That civil war is what broke the gods. In the end, all of them perished; however, the energy that resides in their body was too strong to allow a complete death. Whatever magic they have in their blood kept them moving, resulting in the God-husks. This is the modern era in Cathedris. The Gods are still here; it's believed they can never leave. Life must go on, despite living in proximity to 400-meter tall behemoths. Civilization progresses, take great technological leaps forward, all while doing their best not to get stepped on by titanic beings that refuse to die.