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Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture

For the betterment of Cathedris

To shephard in the future, we must build an improved 'tomorrow'.
— Matthias Barton, Master of Planning and Logistics
  Within the Legion, secret to even the topmost military officials that run most of the organization, is a covert group working to bring about a new future to all of Cathedris. Made up of 9 members across various branches of the Legion, and sworn to silence; this group, known as the Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture, operates within the shadows -- pulling blasphemous strings and conducting untold horrors in the name of a "better" tomorrow.    

Purpose beyond mortal ken

It began slightly over a five years ago, when Legion operatives discovered the Errant Thoughtseed deep within an ancient cave. Following directives laid out by then head of Legion intelligence, Dr. Anabelle Evingston, the Legionnaires brought out the mind twisting, secret revealing artifact, and it immediately began to whisper terrible hidden truths to all those near by.  
Not long after, still under the directives of Dr. Evingston, a secret core organization began to form within the Legion. They began construction of a new lab, under the guise of simple "research", and started to hand-pick members that would be sworn to secrecy -- or sometimes forced with transmutive Catalurgy.
Repeat after me: I am no one. I know nothing. I've seen nothing.
— Kor Ang-Nam, Director of Memory Adjustment
  Officially, the mission of the ACSA is to bring about a new future for Cathedris. To them, the God-husks are outdated -- a nuisance. There exists no intelligence behind those dead stares, no will propelling their shambling forms. They are unworthy of worship, and worst of all, they're the source of the ever threatening Rendlings that constantly attack humanity.   Thus, the singular goal of the Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture is the creation of a new god; one that may eradicate the stains of the past, and usher in a new future with one deity worthy of worship, and one organization below to dictate its rule.  

Working from within the Shadows

These days the ACSA has grown substantially; Dr. Evingston brought on another 8 like-minded individuals to form the core of the Concilium. Each one believes wholly in their mission statement, and would die to protect the secrecy they work within.   The group has small laboratories and research centers spread all across the globe in innocuous places. The 500 or so people that work under the leadership of the 9 are distributed almost evenly across each location, and are confined to it, so as to prevent any information from leaking out to the general public.  
No ship is entirely leak proof; no lips can prevent all sound from passing. Despite the Concilium's best efforts, a few documents have managed to leak out to Legion Resistance members. This has sparked Rumours of the 15th across the globe, threatening the entire operation.
Partial List of Names
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Secret, Military

Base of Operations

On the books, the ACSA has no official head office nor main base. It's essentially a ghost organization within the Legion, operating out of hidden back rooms of other key Legion locations and research facilities.   In practice, there is one main location that the leaders of the Concilium meet within most often; the Sacred Lab. It was recently built, located within an uninhabited stretch of land in the country of Hansun, not far from the north coast and The Teneran Deep.    

The Sacred Lab

An imposing, brutal looking concrete structure breaks up the lifeless landscape of Northern Hansun. Hidden on all sides by mountains, the Lab is only visible when standing above or on even ground with it.   Within the massive bleak walls are multiple mysterious facilities, each with the explicit purpose of research, experimentation, or construction of "Sacred Architecture", the name given to tasks that are all a part of the creation of a new god.   Ichor storage, Catalurgy experiments, and the harvesting of Rendling parts all occur with these sacred grounds.  
The Sacred Lab
Settlement | Mar 14, 2024

The cradle for a new god; the home of the Human Augmentation Program. A massive complex consisting of labs, research facilities, ichor storage, and living quarters.

Controlled Territories

The Concilium

My friends, we gather here to begin the final steps of our plan. Today begins the great sacrifice; tomorrow begins our journey of triumph.
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Dr. Anabelle Evingston, Director of ACSA
  The core of the Concilium is a group of mostly equal members, each with a similar stake in the organization. However, while they may have the same amount of power on paper, the group is actually led in heart and mind by the original member, Dr. Evingston.      

Dr. Anabelle Evingston

  Doctor of medicine by 18, Catalurgical specialist by 22, and hired by Legion special-research before she was 30, Dr. Evingston is on the forefront of experimental research regarding humans, Rendlings, and Ichor. It was under her directives that the Thoughtseed was found, and it is under the Thoughtseed's influence that she guides the Concilium.

Amé Leneret

Head of biotech engineering, known for the very little regard for human life she shows in the pursuit of progress. Amé is responsible for designing and understanding the structural framework that the entire Sacred Architecture program is based around.


Nih started out as a mysterious benefactor to the Legion, bankrolling many of their more questionable projects. Gradually they worked their way into the command structure, becoming chief innovations officer, and began pushing the limits of Legion Engineering.

Matthias Barton

Master of planning and logistics. Matthias began work with the Legion as an operative within human resources and talent acquisitions; he remains there to this day, using his position to keep tabs on any potential new hires or enemies.

Naeler Davison

Naeler is the leader of the "Intelligence within Intelligence"; the head of the Legion spy network, and main source of information to ACSA. He uses his influence to locate and acquire new mysterious artifacts, high profile targets, and new locations to explore.

Akaal Lund

Historian and "Master of Lore", Akaal knows all that can be known regarding the gods -- including theories of their creation, and what might properly end their husk-like state. He heads a team tasked with sourcing more information, direct from The Comprilith.

Catobella Song

Known to other members of the Concilium as "The Face", Catobella is the part of the ACSA that downplays its presence or outright denies its existence. She's a part of the Legion board of directors, and ensures that no one becomes wise to what she and her true colleagues are planning for Cathedris.

Kor Ang-Nam

Director of Memory Adjustment, and master of transmutive Catalurgy. Kor has the innate ability to understand the human mind to such a degree that she's able to prune and modify individual moments from within individual memories, similar to that of a mysterious Catalurgist known as The Dream-maker.

Julian Clements

Julian does the dirty jobs that must be done in order for the ACSA to flourish. They were the ones that coined the "clean slate" protocol, the directive stating that any working partner outside of the ACSA who learns too much must be terminated, along with all who may have learned from them.
We've been shown the future, and it is as terrifying as it is beautiful.
Dr. Anabelle Evingston, Director of ACSA


Author's Notes

    Feels good to get a big art piece done for a big important lore article! Let me know what you think about either the art or the writing, and let me know which of the Concilium is most interesting or most terrifying >:)   Thanks for reading <3

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