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Weaponizing my ADHD for the good of humanity.

Hello, my name is Chris, but I go as kitoypoy all over the internet and it's become my WA handle slightly by accident!

I'm a Filipino-American living in Florida and I've been playing RPG's, mostly D&D on and off since the early 1980s.

I'm here on WorldAnvil to document the generic fantasy setting I came up with as a teenager and transform it into something unique to me. I'm taking my upbringing as a diasporic second generation Filipino and giving it a fantasy twist.

As I've iterated through my campaign world, updating it and changing it for each edition of D&D, it's become a living place. A world of immigrants and native-born working together to build a new future together.

Old traditions constantly butt up with new ways of living. The residents of my world struggle with holding on to the past while becoming better versions of themselves.

All that, plus weekly interdimensional invasions, skyships,and magic robots who just want to be loved!

Welcome to the World of Wizard's Peak! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Visit the Primer: KCZ to learn about the World of Wizard's Peak.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

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