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The World of Wizard's Peak is a magipunk fantasy setting for the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game. It features a hole in reality that opens up to a different plane or reality every day.

The people living around it adapt to daily influx of new magic, new technology, and new organisms. They balance political intrigue and political machinations against a tapestry of innovation and potential extraplanar invasion.

Welcome to the World of Wizard's Peak

In previous ages, Erathia was a world of sword and sorcery like many others. Then the city of Kirinal exploded in a catastrophe of wild magic, tearing a hole in reality: the Kirinal Pit.

For decades, the mortals and gods fought unending wars against extraplanar invaders and Elder Evils. Eventually, the Gods had to withdraw from the world, hauling the Elder Evils with them. The mortal races sealed off the crystal sphere, to prevent divine beings from manifesting within.

Now the mortal races have learned to thrive without the direct influence of the gods. They have broken old patters, created new paradigms, and evolved their society. They have turned the Pit into the Kirinal Concordance Zone, the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

A Primer for Off-Worlders

Primer: Welcome to the Zone
Generic article | Jul 7, 2020

The Instructor of Recruits and Sgt. Kill Flayer teach you the basics of the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

Locations of Interest

Items of Interest

Wizard's Peak has been my homebrew campaign setting since I was a child playing 1E AD&D and it has grown through the editions with me. I last actively ran the campaign during 3E/3.5E and I'm bringing it forward into 5E as I start bringing my children into the hobby that has given me so much happiness and satisfaction over the years.