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The Blackjack Heritage

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of World of Wizard's Peak
11/24/2020 | Full
The owner of the Blackjack carries a valuable Writ of Passage, allowing the ship and its contents the right to enter and exit the Kirinal Concordance Zone. They sell space on the ship to the highest bidder, transporting goods and passengers from the Zone to the far reaches of the world. Choose your cargo wisely though! Not all your cargo is safe and your clientele can't be trusted!
The Protagonists
Of the Forge the Spark


This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Aymer Ulalen
    An Entulesse Barbarian warrior of Menelost Telperion. Befriended by Lance "Uppercut" von Razak
  • Dirk Altmann
    The glamorous boisterous Tourneymaster of the Cavaliers of Light. The former Baron Silversang worked under his direction.
  • Harmony Tun-Razak
    A Legionmaster of the Order of Light stationed at the Kirinal Pit. She's the daughter of Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak and the highest-ranking tiefling in the Order.
  • Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak
    Count Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak is rich, powerful, wealthy. He's the Grandmaster of the Order of LIght, one of the most powerful men on the continent, and a servant of House Molndal.
  • Mariel Silversång
    Baroness Mariel Silversång is the mother of Niamhi and the widow of Nikolaus. She's an incredible singer, a Golden Balladeer who tours with the Cavaliers of Light half of the year. She has become more conservative and less tolerant with age. She reads the Aleph Zero every week and believes many of the conspiracy theories that it promotes.
  • Nikolaus Silversång
    The deceased Fourth Baron Silversång and Captain of the Blackjack. Upon his death, his title and skyship passed on to his oldest child Niamhi Silversång.
  • Nuheredni Ainin
    Became a Boroka Aswang, she ate a balut with a black chick in it. Given to her “for free” by a “green woman”
  • Tanit Sanguesa
    An ally of Nikolaus Silversång with a final gift for Niamhi. She is a Karifaran sky captain who he obviously trusted. Her ship is the Anchored Zenith.
  • Urim Goldmaster
    Urim of Razun: Male Dwarf Aristocrat. Urim has a square face, with dark hair. He wears fine multicolored raiment and jewelry. Urim is fascinated by swords and blades and trades in off-world swords and weapons. Orange Icosahedron


  • Map of Western Krosia
  • Map of The Kirinal Pit
    A hole in reality 30 miles wide ringed by walls and fortresses and cities. The Kirinal Pit is both the greatest threat and the greatest resource in the world.
  • Map of Lozar
    The Sovranty of Lozar, 8 miles per hex.   Travel Times on Road/Rail Walking Normal Walking Pace - 3 hexes per day. Fast Walking Pace - 4 hexes per day.   Trains Trains travel at 30 mph and have a range of 600 miles before refueling = 3.75 hexes/hour, 15 hexes/4 hours, 75 hexes/day
  • Map of Kirinal Pit Tactical Map
    1 mile to 1 hex tactical map of the Kirinal Pit.

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13th Jan 2021

Episode 5: Flight to Razun

Journey to Razun

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Episode 4: Adventures in Eladriel

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16th Dec 2020

Episode 3: The Excursion to Eladriel

Having completed their business at the Zone. The crew of the Blackjack embarks on their first paid jobs.

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12th Dec 2020

Episode 2.5: Contacts & Contracts

Interviewing crew, exploring the Zone, gathering intel, and making contacts.

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9th Dec 2020

Episode 2: The Shattered Zone

You arrive at the Kirinal Pit at dawn on Shatter as a noisome layer of the Abyss becomes the Manifest.

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2nd Dec 2020

Episode 1: Inherit The Blackjack

You gather together to mourn the death of Baron Silversång and observe the execution of his will and the transfer of The Blackjack to his heir.

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