Kirinal Concordance Zone

The eight most powerful armies in the world with their weapons pointed at a 30-mile hole in the ground. It's a powder keg. We're the match.

The might of one nation could not halt the unending march of invasions from a hole in reality. Traditional enemies: human, orc, elf, drow, dwarf, and goblin; had to come together to prevent their world from falling to the Far Realm or becoming a sacrifice in the Blood War.

Under the Treaty of the Concordance for Survival, The Kirinal Pit and the lands for 20 miles around it are a neutral zone administrated by the Concordance. The Concordance Zone is split into eight cantons, city-states run by members of the Concordance.

They coordinate on defense and military responses to threats from the Pit. They are completely independent on internal matters and trade.

The Eight Cantons


The Kirinal Pit


The Inner Ring


The Outer Ring


The Kirinal River


The Anomalous Forest


Thaya's Tears


  • Kirinal Pit Tactical Map
    1 mile to 1 hex tactical map of the Kirinal Pit.

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