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Urim Goldmaster

Aristocratic and colorful, Urim Goldmaster is a merchant from Razun who specializes in purchasing extraplanar weapons and tech from the Salvager guilds whenever it becomes available.

Urim is a mountain dwarf with a lot of traditional beliefs. He's open minded enough to live and work in the Zone. Like most mountain dwarves, he looks down on "dirt dwarves" but he's perfectly willing to work with them and make money with them.

He frequents The Seawise in Garrison City, always on the lookout for beneficial trading deals and looking for independent shippers to transport his goods.

Urim of Razun: Male Dwarf Aristocrat. Urim has a square face, with dark hair. He wears fine multicolored raiment and jewelry. Urim is fascinated by swords and blades and trades in off-world swords and weapons. Orange Icosahedron

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