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The capital city of the Kingdom of Nathal-nalir in the heart of the Ironspike Mountains is easy to miss from above the ground. This dwarven metropolis is a warren of caverns and tunnels carved into the stone of the mountains over millenia.

In Razun, tradition and the old ways hold sway. A King still rules here, even if he's called the First Warden outside of the kingdom. The rich dwarves with the oldest names dwell in the deepest vaults of the city. The High King of the Ironspikes sits on the Low Throne of the Dwarves in the Deepest Hall miles down below the mountains. Word of the modern world and the obsolescence of nobility are unwelcome in the Deep.

Despite this, the one thing that dwarves love more than ancient traditions is gold. The fact that the "dirt dwarves" of The Tortoise make more than they do drives the Razuni mad. The upper levels of Razun are filled with the "new rich", dwarves who make money trading or working as artificers.

The new methods of transport, the trains and skyships, have brought new inventions and visitors from the outside world to Old Razun. The dwarven sense for making money wars with their love of tradition. The grass and the nobility claw on to the past while the progress drags everyone else forward.

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