Deepest Halls of Razun

Describe a geographic location beneath the surface - what can you find lurking there?

The oldest mines in the Mist Mountains, deep beneath the city of Razun are a place of power for traditional dwarves. Once these deepest mines were exhausted, the tunnels were reclaimed and converted into the Deepest Halls, containing the Low Throne, a Temple to Uth Rom, and the Fundament.

The Fundament

The largest chamber in the city is the center of finance, learning, and politics. It is the central point of the city.

The Low Throne

The High King sits on the Low Throne. The Low Throne is the seat of power, the royal residence, and the administrative center of the Kingdom of Nathal-nalir. It is in the deepest part of the original iron and adamantine mines of Razun.

The Anvil of Uth Rom

The center of worship for the God of the Forge is the Anvil of Uth Rom, contained in a chamber just off of the Fundament. Within it, the dwarves of Razun worship the Smith with continuous acts of creation. They forge armor, weapons, and newer technology.

In his role as "The Inventor", the patron god of dwarves is also worshipped by artificers as the First Artificer. Soulforged also hold Uth Rom in high esteem, as his constructs and mechanical devices were the direct precursors of their kind.

Dwarves who follow the grags and the old ways are in conflict with the priests of Uth Rom who have always encouraged the development of new tools and new methods.

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