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Answers to this prompt

Grakkal's Gate

by Rynn19

Ruins of Chrysos

by thechangeling

Copper Graveyard

by David_Ulph

Rook’s Hole Caves

by melior64

The Crypt of Ancestors

by Brinsmead

The Downbelow

by Tillerz

Bregos' Cave Routes

by Naelin

Brie's caves

by Catoblepon

Gateway Caverns

by CassandraSojourn

Everunder Trail

by N4th

Sentinel Mountains

by Gege16

Ozul's Lair

by RiverFang

Shiukiuk Caverns

by yeslittlehummingbird

The Undercity

by kingyak

Kara Ferenka

by Frogdrake

New York City Underworld

by SoulLink

Mine of Authority

by Adcheryl

The Tunnels Beneath the World

by eccbooks

The Underways

by Rashkavar

The Sea Barrows

by Monkos

The World Below

by Michael Chandra


by TheSolitaryGamer

Crystal Caverns

by Vertixico

The Coaraeaduor

by TheCavemanMan

Deepest Halls of Razun

by kitoypoy

Grebian Mines

by Mikesoup

Nuvas Plain

by RogueOfSpoons

The Dark Hollows

by amelianite

The Mines of Koigua

by Ononomad

Varnorian's Weave

by Evanarix

Forest Caverns of Taungoun

by Wordigirl

Invisible Run

by hughpierre

Mag Tureah

by phd20

Maw of the World

by Anpumes


by Urania

The Crimson Depths

by DapperCapricorn

The Separating Trench

by Kaleidechse

The Undersea

by Am1vf


by Jacob-W

'The Grand Reef'

by NorthWhiteWolf


by kdgillespie14


by Lady Grayish

Gáláwá Lake Caves

by Angantyr

Hemelopa Cave Network

by Daniel Fox

Kaynağı Toprak

by xtremepsy

Land of the Dead

by Alay_West

Lower Rimior

by bananafire


by laewista


by Sunflame

Plagued Garden

by Corvo Branco


by benjaminjchrisman

Saarmen's Old Temple of Haelyn

by Shell Mel

Sahaguin city

by DwarfL0rd

Suntrap Grove

by Ursurian

The Bottom of the World

by BasicDragon

The Lochstar

by Moondare

The Lost Delve

by dinosaurbob

The Norixius underdark

by Lillithwolf

The Rideis Passage

by LauraVAB

The Ruins of the Library of Gu...

by SilikG

The Underearth

by Eallixy

The Wyrmwaste Tunnels

by Spinach

Tomb of the Black King

by Kereminde

Ulrea's Surprise


Umbral Jungle

by Chrispy_0


by DMMyali

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