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Forest Caverns of Taungoun

This cave system is primarily located in the forests of Taungoun where many of the Dwarves dwell. While some of the caves are above the surface, many stem deep down into the ground in an interwoven network of caverns and tunnels.


The forests of Taungoun are disbursed throughout the hills of the land. They halt at the foot of the Gardinbeuf mountains. Within the forests are many small hills and caves that expand below the surface of the grass and the roots of the trees.

Localized Phenomena

The caverns are home to many impressive rock formations and crystallizations. In deep and unstable parts of the cave system, dwarves who are brave enough (and small enough) to venture far into the tunnels have happened upon elaborate natural gem development. If carefully harvested, these gems can be sold for much wealth. Beings are likely to make deals with dwarves due to the knowledge that they have access to a plethora of precious jewels.

Fauna & Flora

The nature of the caves provides a suitable habitat for bats, bioluminescent bugs, and other small, cave-dwelling creatures to thrive. The damper parts also harbor vines, moss, and even sometimes flowering plants upon the cavern walls or within cracks of the rock. Dwarves have utilized this environment to farm special herbs, fruits, and vegetables to consume themselves or to sell in the marketplace.


Before very many people began flocking to Wynsumheord, there were several strange beings and beasts who dwelt in that land. Many of these were misfits and outcasts who were driven out from the surrounding kingdoms. Some were those who ran away of their own will. Others had dwelt there for as long as they could remember. These strange beings who dwelt in the land were part of the reason the four surrounding kingdoms thought the area to be accursed and traversed not into it. These beings included Dwarves¬†and Gardinbeaufians who are very populous in Taungoun. They liked to stay hidden for fear that they would be seen and killed, captured, enslaved, or otherwise mistreated by those in the surrounding kingdoms.   More modernly, these dwarves still retreat to the caverns to stay out of sight, but mostly for the intent of escaping mockery or plotting schemes.


Some of the Gardinbeuf mountain caverns sprout out and merge into the tunnels of the Forest Caverns, but they narrow significantly. Therefore, it is easier for the Dwarves to use them as a passage into Gardinbeaufian territory than it is for the giant mountain dwellers to attempt at traveling into the elven caves.
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One of many paths through the intricate Forest Caverns of Taungoun.

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