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Gardinbeaufians are large humanoid beings who live in the Gardinbeauf mountains of Taungoun. They are usually large in size and very muscular, both the men and the women of their kind. They are infamously known for their gruff mannerisms, disgruntled appearance, and hulking strength. They are commonly very mean in attitude and are a type of being you generally would not want to cross in the streets.


Culture and cultural heritage

Most of these are peacible folk who cultivate food on the side of the mountains and dwell in caves. Though quite on the more giant side, most do not intend to be very menacing. These Gardinbeaufians, like most of their kind, are a bit territorial, but most lean away from excercising extreme violence. This does not stop others from being afraid of their hulking orc-like builds.

Shared customary codes and values

Most of the Gardinbeaufians are simple, introverted people.    Though many Gardinbeaufians are actually friendly, the species is notorious for its many gangs. Gang members are usually easily spotted due to their many tattoos and patterned armor. These are also the more extroverted of the species who spend time in the taverns and start fights in the public square. They also use their size and notoriety as an intimidation tactic to make shady deals and get what they want.

Common Dress code

Gardinbeaufians do not usually ornament themselves with fancy raiment. The majority of them dress in plain garb that is suitable for building or farming. The darker earth tones (forest greens, deep browns, grays, and blacks) mean a lot to them because they are people of the plants and rock.

Art & Architecture

The mountains are sacred to the Gardinbeaufians, and they often build lodges into the sides of the mountains or in cliffs and crags from wood and stone. Some of them dwell in the larger caverns as well. Popular symbols seen in Gardinbeaufians villages are simple depictions of mountains or obscure forms of the letter "G". These symbols can also be found within tattoos, jewelry, and other ornamental accessories because it pays homage to their humble origins.

Common Myths and Legends

Many outsiders believe that the Gardinbeaufians are some sort of giants, ogres, or orcs-- this is especially true of the gang members due to their barbaric nature, superior strength, and angry attitudes.
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