Broga's Ute

The myth of how the supposedly cursed land between the four kingdoms (now known as Wynsumheord) came to be and the spirit who cursed it.   Once, there were four kingdoms; the Wahstrehite Kingdom, the Syperragg Kingdom, The Eiterland Kingdom, and the Nurvenheath Kingdom. They were located in the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. Between them lied a large piece of land that was wild and untamed. It was supposedly cursed. Whenever one would dare attempt to traverse through it, they would either become lost to never return, or come back injured and scared out of their wits. The land was also supposedly inhabited by many terrible beasts and horid beings. It was in addition thought to be haunted by ghosts, demons, and other terrible spirits. There were rumors of dragons who lurked there, and murderous giants, along with goblins and sinister elves. Also, many heard tell of beautiful nymphs who quickly turned deadly to protect those areas which seemed to bring much beauty. There were also many deserts and ugly unfruitful places within the land. Many had superstitions about expanding their kingdoms inwards anyways. The King of the North would only expand his kingdom outward and northward, so same would the king of the East expand eastward, and the west westward, and the south southward for fear of the terrible curse.

Historical Basis

One of the true reasons why this land seemed so cursed was the fact that many people were secretly escaping from the four corrupt kingdoms and hiding within the land. they were slowly starting and establishing wynsumheord, scaring those who traveled there, attacking them, or creating spectacles. Also, many who did not return were intentionally staying within the land to escape the clutches of the mean kings.


the kingdoms would tell stories of this cursed land and the legend quickly spread to all. This caused many to be wary of the land, but it also inspired others to run and escape from their kingdoms to explore this land and take it, thus inspiring wynsumheord's establishment


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