The main story takes place around Wynsumheord where Magnar and Syndri live. The Land of Wynsumheord is made up of smaller divisions- villages, forests, deserts, and mountain ranges (Dryhtenhaven, Edwistburg, Taungoun, Sundorwick Forest, Firgenholt Wood, Cloddendale, Lytelcroft, and Hangra). This Wynsumheord is surrounded by kingdoms on all four sides (Nurvenheath, Syperragg, Eiterland, and Wahstrehite). Each of the regions is probably about the size of a county, making Wynsumheord as a whole comparable to a medium-sized US state. The kingdoms surrounding are equivalent to large US states. (Imagine Michigan surrounded by Texas, Alaska, California, and Montana)


Within Wynsumheord, you will find every type of climate and terrain. There are forests, deserts, mountain ranges, intricate cave systems, rolling hills, rivers, ponds, lakes, grassy fields, rocky tundras, dusty plains, and lots of lush vegetation.

Fauna & Flora

The wildlife consists of what may traditionally be found in any of those habitats back in the medieval ages. The plant life is also pretty consistent, but, in Wynsumheord, many of the botanicals possess extraordinary properties. Some can heal, some are poisonous, some can change your voice when eaten, some can serve as a tranquilizing agent. The plant life of Wynsumheord is quite a curious thing that is to be treasured and treated with caution and care. If certain plants fall into the wrong hands, BEWARE!

Natural Resources

The Wynsumheordlings treasure all of nature, but the ones who treasure it most are the forest dwellers; the Firgenholt people, and those of the Sundorwick tribe. These beings depend on the Earth and treat it kindly. They pitch tents, build tree houses, and abide in caves. You will never find them chopping down a precious tree. If they utilize any wood, it would be twigs found upon the ground or trees that have already fallen. They also build directly into cavities of trees, but they do not knock any tree down for their own gain. Trees are sacred to them. When people come from other lands, they are often wary of their intentions and will fight to protect their precious trees from being cut down.


Long ago, settlers who wished not to be under the rule of corrupt monarchy set out to find their own land where they could live freely, giving and taking of the earth, bartering, and trading with each other.   Soon, the population grew and grew in each of the sections of this previously unclaimed land. The surrounding kingdoms got word of this and instantly conjured up a rivalry, racing to see which king could claim the land and all its people first.   But, when the kings came to meet with the townspeople, they each went about it in different ways; Nurvenheath negotiated. Eiterland tried to bribe with incentives and goods. Syperragg tried insulting their land and telling them how much better it would be if he were presiding over it. But, Wahstrehite wanted to fight.   Despite all the different approaches, the independent folk did not give in, thus invoking an agreement that they could have a free land independently, and never have to worry about being claimed by either of the kings.   The king of Wahstrehite did not like this agreement, though, and he violated it very often. He got so determined to the point that he raided Edwistburg which was the closest village to his kingdom. His soldiers plundered, looted, and set everything ablaze. After all was said and done, he left it desolate, save for a flag with a Wahstrehite crest emblem as an example to show everyone what his kingdom was capable of, and as a promise that one day he would rule all of Wynsumheord.


  • Wynsumheord
    A bird's eye view of Wynsumheord and its four surrounding kingdoms.


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