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Ufane is a precious stone found in rocky areas of Wynsumheord. This rare formation comes in different varieties of size, shape, and color.    A list of Ufane variants from most common to rarest:   Brown Opaque   Black Opaque   Gray Opaque   Brown Translucent   Black Translucent   Gray Translucent   Red Opaque   Green Opaque   Blue Opaque   Gold Translucent   Red Translucent   Green Translucent   Blue Translucent   Gold Opaque   Orange Opaque   Orange Translucent   Purple Opaque   Purple Translucent


Material Characteristics

Ufane is a rocky formation that can be smoothed and polished into stones used to build with or to ornament pieces of jewelry. On rare occasions, a translucent variant is unearthed, but its opaque form is most commonly found. It can be found in all shades and colors of the rainbow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Ufane is a durable stone that can last for centuries without the slightest sign of deterioration or even erosion. It can also withstand flame and not melt. Ufane can be scratched, but it takes an extremely sharp object to leave a significant slash in it.

Geology & Geography

Ufane is found in many rocky areas from crags and cliffs to mountains and caves. Most often, it is discovered in smaller pieces that can be picked up easily with two hands, or even those that can sit in the palm of one hand. Other times, giant slabs of it are found beneath the surface of the dirt in mountain areas. Entire sheets of it have also been discovered covering cavern walls.

Origin & Source

Certain properties in dirt and rock allow this precious stone to form. This is not yet known due to the fact that the stone is so common yet strangely evasive. The only consistent factor is that it develops in rocky areas.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Shallums use this precious stone to build and adorn great cathedrals. It is known as a holy stone, and is said to be blessed by The Shining Lord.


Ufane stone is very strong and can only be precisely cut with a diamond-tipped blade. It can also be sanded and polished with a rough pumice stone. This process takes a lot longer to complete than it does with other more common stones due to the Ufane's compound nature.
The Ufane stone is one of the most precious and expensive stones known to man. It is often regarded as holy.
The Ufane stone is considered rare but some variants of it are more popular than others.
Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, Orange, Gold, Gray, Black
Common State
Ufane is found as a rocky formation buried in dirt or forming among other rocks and gems deep in the mountains and caverns.
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