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A Great Fall

Among the ancient texts stored in the libraries of Wahstrehite, many prophecies can be found. Some of these are of unknown origin. This includes A Great Fall.   The only written copy of this prophecy (known so far) was found buried deep amidst the scrolls stored in the undercroft of King Sumphyr's castle. It was most recently uncovered by his son Prince Zekyn when researching ways to destroy The Mundbyrdians and take Wynsumheord for their own once and for all.


Written in an olden tongue, the text is very simple and quite hard to translate, but, in summary, it describes a great and powerful "house" that would grow to great heights and become unstoppable unless a son of one of the protectors of the "house" were inadvertantly slain by the subtle workings of a supreme witch.   The Prince of Wahstrehite felt it applicable to his situation and wanted to use this opportunity to prove his worth to his father. He supposed that the prophecy indicated Wynsumheord was the house and Havardir was its protector (due to his esteemed status as Chief Mundbyrdian). He believed that Magnar was the son to be slain because he was the eldest and most powerful of Havardir's offspring. The Prince quickly enlisted Fyrhta, the notorious witch of Lytelcroft of whom he had heard many stories that painted her one of the greatest in the land. Although Fyrhta The Lytelcroft Witch had repented and given up her wizarding ways by the time he saught her out, Prince Zekyn relentlessly forced her to submit to him and become a witch once more so that the prophecy could be fulfilled.

Historical Basis

While not much else is known of the historic text's origin, it is surmised that many great nations have fallen because of it. When prominent kingdoms that seem to have no end in sight are suddenly toppled to the ground, this prophecy is most likely to blame.

Cultural Reception

Most people who are familiar with the so-called prophecy only know of it vaguely, namely hearing the part about the death of a son but not the subtle workings of the witch. Most of these attribute the falls of great kingdoms to other factors. Some feel the "prophecy" foretelling that a nation will fall after the death of the leader's son is common knowledge and hold no respect for it.   Those in Wynsumheord who have heard of the prophecy worry not about their own land's demise because they have declared no king over themselves beside The Shining Lord. This being true, Prince Zekyn of Wahstrehite has convinced his father and his people that Havardir is the key to acquiring the land.
Date of First Recording
No one is exactly certain who authored this prophecy and when, but it is speculated that versions of it were in circulation (even if only by word of mouth) since before the coming of The Shining Lord
Date of Setting
There is no set date of this prophecy, rather, it informs the readers that when certain things align, the foretold events will occur.
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