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Fyrhta The Lytelcroft Witch

Fyrhta (a.k.a. The Lytelcroft Witch)

Fyrhta the Lytelcroft Witch is responsible for many of the troubles that came upon the Sons of Havardir. She spelled Syndri to become evil for a moment in attempts to make him kill his brother Magnar, she sent Fritjof the Undefeated to challenge Magnar to a duel with hopes that the vicious warrior would kill him, she caused the brothers to see a deeply disturbing vision that would incite anger in Magnar and likely lead him to his death, among other horrible plights.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fyrhta is a girl from Lytelcroft. She accidentally discovered witchcraft when she was very young. She picked up a spellbook that had washed up upon the shore by the Lytel Riverbank. She read the alluring book over and over, and quickly understood it. Testing the spells and tricks, she discovered that it all was quite easy to do. After a while, she mastered the skill, but, since all of her family members were devout Christians who despised such practices, she kept her newfound abilities secret. As she aged, her powers grew stronger and harder to contain. Harnessing witchcraft was almost second nature, and the temptation to use it for everyday tasks increased with each moment. She managed to squeeze black magic into many of the things she did, but some of her family members began to grow suspicious. When she hit her teenage years, she couldn't suppress the power anymore so she ran away from home. She wandered into neighboring villages and forests creating mischief for her own amusement. She began to make a name for herself by offering her 'services' to people for a price; predicting their futures, granting their wishes, and meddling with their lives. All the while, she showed just a tad of evil so that people would fear her. But, the more she used her power, the stronger it got, and so did her hankering for evil. She began to carry out massive evil deeds just for the heck of it, inciting terror in the hearts of many. Just at the peak of her villainy, she got an idea to storm through the Church of Hangra. Instead of destroying the clergy as she intended, she ended up getting convicted and eventually repented. She gave up her wicked ways and promised to The Shining Lord that she would never again perform such sorcery.   With this, she burned her wicked robes and her spellbook, got baptized, and returned home to her family who embraced her with love. She didn't really reveal much of her whereabouts to them, but they knew she'd gone wayward (not to what extent) and that she had repented and was back to stay.   Meanwhile, the Prince of Wahstrehite was assigned by his father to research a way to overthrow Wynsumheord. Late one night in the library, he came across an ancient prophecy about how a witch would overthrow a great threat. He'd heard infamous stories about the Lytelcroft Witch, so he set off with his armies to seize her. When he captured her, however, she informed him that those ways were no longer hers; that she'd finally decided to dedicate her life to The Shining Lord once again. This upset the Prince, and he bound her and tortured her, taunting her about how The Shining Lord could not save her from him; asking her why she should put her trust in such a God. After this, she broke down and surrendered, agreeing to become a witch again and help him with his plans. He told her that she was to indirectly cause the eldest son of one of the Chief Mundbyrdians to be killed in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled.
Circumstances of Birth
She was born to a devout Christian home in Lytelcroft, but later discovered witchcraft on accident.
dark, slanted eyes
shoulder length, silky, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale yellowish
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