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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling or other revelation
A total of 480 entries

Origin of the Oracle of Tepidara

Hermit Pig Will Become the Fly Lord

Gwyn Revere, Tale of a Tumbling Village

An Age of Fury and the Dawn of Evil

The Old Man and the Marodeen Sea

The Myth of the Nethen Oracle

A Kind Destiny Can Trump a Cruel Fate

The Queen of the Goddess Prophecy

A Tale of People and Portals, Alnea

Fearg Aiféala Mór-Ríoghain

Kerali's Blessed Arlidra

The Myth of the Prophecy of Greatness

Myth of the Glowing Church

Zaiszuk and The Dark Pit

Sagadorm Awakes - An Apocalyptic End of the World {WASC 2021}

Legend of the Dream Walkers

Bela Blueteeth - Warper of Substance

De komst van de hoorndrager

Kassandria's Journal of Accurate Future Histories

The Creator and The Fortune Teller

The Three Hearts Prophecy By Lady Yllumina - Prompt #9 a myth or fairy tale about prophecy, oracle, or revelation

Die Rückkehr der Dämonen

"The Hundred Monsters and the Unkind King"

The Legacy of the Lovers' Moons

The lost prophecy for the two realms

The Broken Bargain - A bedtime story.

Fall des Großen Nuemerien

Gathering of the Five Heroes

Nothing can Stop the Darkness

The Discovery of the Boundless Lake

The Divination of the Drowned Lord

The Sage and the Fall of the Divine

The Kobold Prophecy Of Tails

Prophesy of the Ancient’s return

Dib'cramib — the Prophesied End of the World

A Narcissist's Reckoning

Prophezeihung der Erlösung

The Killing of Screistú, the Lich King of Thír

The Apocryphal Tale of the Fall of House Caelur

The Prophecy of the Suns and Moons

The Tale of the Brave Gnomes Traveling on a Flying Two-Wheeled Gasbag of Death But They Will Be Back Someday I Promise

The Last Writ of the Liar Prince

Retour de l'Oracle des fléaux

Prophecy of Infernal Wars Return

You better be even in the payback hour

Tci the Seer/the Quicksilver Egg

The Yuan-Ti and the Bent-Blade Crown

The Instrument of the Great Working

The Prophecy of the Blood Moon

The Grove Sanctuary Prophecy

The Mediumship of Daniel Dunglas Home

The Return of Orivious – A Prophecy

The Truth of the Masters

Prophecy of the Sinless World

The twins Elyas and Elwisia

The First Sign of the End

The Battle of Holy Domains and What Could Be

The lightkeeper and the glass-eyed whale

Ptlomethia's Prophecy of the Goddesses' Reincarnated Souls

From the Roots of Pholtel

The Buried Goddess Prediction

SNDY and the Death of Cerberus

Sunnis' Children and Their Return

The Lost Predictions of Annabelle the Cloud-Eyes

The Moonchild and the Fallen Stars

The Prophecy Of The Three Doubts

How the loquacious eagle owl lost its ability to speak

The False Seer and the Apprentice

The Myth of Penrod and the Seeing Tree

Legend of the Various and the Shard.

The Fall of the Grand Kingdom

Walarian Prophecy - Saint Walaric's Relics

The Mythical School of Ancestry

Prompt 9: The Prophesy of the Great Forge

The Demise of The Fortune Tellers of Tevali-5

The Shattering of the Lordstone

The Seer of Mirror Springs

Messages of Twilight Rider

Honeyed words, luscious fruits, broken branches

The Fall of the Pillars Gistal

They who shall reclaim the Surface

The Prophetess and the Last Prophesy

The Would-be King of Croi

Prophecy about the end of the World

The Myths of Evolution and Chaos

The Martyrdom of Saint Yvainn-Abound-In-Chains

The Revelation of Darkness

Die Legende von Palaestra der Entzweierin

The Curious Incident of The Rams In The Night Time

The Peacock's Sacrifice, or How the Human Pantheon was born

Legend of the Druid Circles

The prophecy of Vralic's Destruction

Prophecy of the 7th Crow