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Orseria's Decree

Orseria's Decree is the common name of a wish made by the gold dragon Orseria. It prophesied the birth of Adil Aries, a true immortal who shall later be known as the Alakaʻi who slain Ezorth and freed the mortals of the Estrerran Cape.


The myth revolves around a wishing spell that was cast sometime after the Decimation and prior to Orseria committing suicide as part of the Pact of The Platinum. The wish was supposedly cast over a period of several decades or even centuries to ensure it won't disrupt the Prime Material Realm, yet ensure the rise of mortals, namely those of humanoids from their draconic overlords.   It is often suggested that the immortality of the Alakaʻi is not an intentional part of the wish, but a byproduct or a miss calculation by the golden dragon. The Alakat claims that without complete understanding of the Primal Forces such claim can not be proved or disaproved. The Dragonguard official stance on is refusal or even having a discussion on the matter, leaving the academic world to speculate until further evidece surface.

Historical Basis

Strong signs of magical interference, likely remains of a strong and ancient spell, can be easily found at Venadora's Peak. The peak was once the lair of Orseria but now belong to her offspring, Venadora, who is also a Magus-Tir of the Conclave of Magi. Despite the dragon's help and willingness to mortals probing her home for answers, the exact nature and purpose of the spell remains unknown.   The existance of the Alakaʻi is also a contributing factor to the myth's confirmation, although no testing or research are permited to be done on his body, even after his death and reincarnation.


The myth, or more accurretly the wish, is one of the core pillars of the Alakat, the dominant philosophy of the Estrerran Cape. According to the Alakat, the wish prophisied an Immortal human will rise against the black dragon Ezorth and free the Estrerran people from its tyranny, leading them to a bright future.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Date of First Recording
11th of Midspri, 630 BC ()
Date of Setting
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