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The Alakaʻi is the reincarnation of Adil Aries. He is venerated as a guide and as a teacher, mostly for to the people of Estrerra.


Adil Aries was declared Alakaʻi by 210 when he defeated Ezorth. During their war that lasted almost 450 years, Aries was incarnated multiple times, each time as a young Human child. Despite his death and reincarnation, he retained his memories, slowly remembering more and more as he grew up. This ability has allowed Aries to guide his people through the ages, as a guide and mentor to his flock. after the Battle of the Second Sun he managed to quickly rebuild most of Estrerra's infrastructure, ensuring their relatively quick recovery while the rest of the continent experienced the Days of Reckoning.   The Alaka'i always has a purple left eye and a marking in the shape of a crescent on his forehead. Each time he passes away or killed, he is reincarnated as a newborn inside the realm's borders. A council of sages search the land for the incarnated child, who is always a male human with a purple left eye and a crescent mark on his forehead
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Religious, Special
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