2nd of Latsum
, 1572


The motivation behind building Numidius

The Numidius began its life as a campaign backdrop for a group of our personal friends. That first campaign is long gone by now and most of the characters have already moved on, but the world still remains. It's hard to describe a singular purpose or cause for what's happening inside the Numidius' pages. I Like to think about it as an ever-changing creative outlet, a window to provide gimps of our minds and a place of refuge for our thoughts.

The goal of the project

There are no real "goals" for the Numidius, at least not yet. Think of this worlds more as a playground than a product. We do not aim to provide the most amazing adventure of all time, nor do we plan on building a complete d20 system of our own unique design.   If you manage to find some comfort, joy or inspiration in our work, than perhaps that was the goal all along.


Numidius's Unique Selling point

Selling point? We're not selling anything. Many of the articles you will read during your stay here are inspired by, if not being a blatant retelling of real world sources and events. There's some snarky nihilism and sarcasm sprinkled across the voids and between the realms. No one know how it found its way into the Prime Material.



You might consider the Numidius to be a high-fantasy universe, and you will be somewhat correct. Magic is commonplace and its presence has a major effects on the shaping of society, technology, warfare and much more as the world progress.   With that in mind, scientific research is exponentially growing in scope, covering areas where magic is too expansive to employ or not possible at all. An equivalent to our industrial revolution has yet to occur, though society is on the cusp of understanding atoms, and other complex topics.

Recurring Themes

Politics & Intrigue

The Grand Game of politics is inevitable when one is operating on a regional scale. The stories of politics can be as small as two individuals in dispute over a plantation and as big as national ambitions that clash against others at the borders.

Life & Death

The merchant who wish to live like a king. The warrior who yearns for a glorious death. Each character in the Numidius has a goal they hope to achieve before or after their passing. The approach of different cultures to the cycle of life and death is the source to many of the tensions across the Prime Material Realm.

Order & Chaos

Innovation often contradicts tradition. The arcane and the divine rarely see eye to eye. Monarchies attempt to disrupt democracies. All of those are mere skirmishes in a larger battle, itself part of a much bigger war.

Character Agency

The Numidius has experienced several world shaping experiences during its existence that left the world very different from what it was prior. Players and writers are mostly encouraged to experiment, dare, and leave their mark on these pages.


Lake Kadia is the biggest body of fresh water on Edora, a cultural hub of several eccentricities and the center of several large scale wars. The Inquisition is still hunting for Apostates wherever they can, determined to enforce the law of Andorian Church on the lands.
The Imperial Lands got their name from the Vintian Imperium which rules the area for over a millennia. Hidden from the persecution of the north by a great wall the imperial lands almost alien to outsiders. Their people are rooted in tradition. Slavery and necromancy are commonplace, and those who dabble with politics often find the game to be much more lethal than elsewhere.
House Andoriani and the Kadian Dominion are a force to be recon with. Rising from the ashes of the Second Empire of Ader the descendants of Kairoz the Andorian quickly secured loyalties and trusted vassals. While under their leadership the lake is more stable than ever, inner fightings and decadency might prove challenging to the relatively young house.
The Vintian Imperium is a millenia old empire founded by magic users who fled the Salemizia stricken north in the times of the Vintian Crusades. The Imperium's relaxed aproach to magic, and the incline of its denizens to secrecy has allowed for major and important magical breaktroughs, but also gave birth to more sinister things.
The Agaman Bay is home many of the biggest, and strongest of the Free Cities and to some of Edora's oldest cultures. As a civil war ravage most of the land, pirates and bandits prey on traveling merchants. Monsters roam free once more along the coastlines and a crime is growing in an alarming rate.

The Maw opens its jaws with ancient tunnels opening all across and around Edora. The strongest navies and most prominent guilds have already set their exploration teams. Only one such expedition has returned with the crew still alive, and are tight lipped about their findings.

With the The Infernal Storm gone the Darsal Crest was open for settlement once again. Colonies sprouted along the coasts but quickly found themselves competing directly against their overlords for resources. Some have already broke free, buying or fighting their way to independence.

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