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Shorsh à Cotto (Shorsh AAh Cotto)

The Shorsh à Cotto, more commonly known as the Cotto Syndicate, is a pirate syndicate operating in the Agaman Bay and originating from somewhere in the Teralic Ocean. The organization is an idependent criminal anarchy, whose members see themselves as loyal to none but themselves.


While a council of captains exist, its role is more social than governmental; resolutions are general in scope, such as prioritizing one sort of commodity over another or less frequent attacks on a certain nation's vessels, and are never binding regardless. The syndicate sees itself as a shorsh, a word in Avaree that could be translated as tribe or horde; this means that Cottori see themselves not only as a brethren of sorts, but also as a legitimate political entity.   In other words, the organization's structure is a tangled web of roles with nuanced differences, and while Agam'an easily orient themselves within it, mahak'an of other ethnicities may have a hard time coming to terms with certain traditions and norms; some examples include: a Ship's Maiden having her own quarters, sometimes at the expanse of their captain's; or wenfers being allowed into a council of captains while saifers aren't.


While the organization's members most prominent ethnicity is Agam'an, it is made up of many different cultures, including Free Folks, Amarrisians and even some Sesaniese. However, like any other shorsh, be it Agam'an or Sala'kir, they have their own traditions, lore, and ideals they work by. This organizational culture is a peculiarity of sorts, since most members were not born into the shorsh, but were either adopted by it or defected to it with a crew and a ship, as happens with most Maha'kan groups.   Some norms, such the general disdain for same-sex relationships, are a frequent cause for unrest within the syndicate and often lead to violent altrecations.

Public Agenda

The shorsh sees itself as holding sovereignty over the oceans and seas, making them the legitimate owners of all treasures within it. While most Agam'an believe that robbing the current owners of said treasures is wrong and opt to trade for it, Cottori disagree with that notion and seek to forcibly seize them by violent means.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Illicit, Syndicate
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