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Kingdom of Northern Amarris

The Kingdom of Northern Amarris was an semi-independent political entity controlling the area known as The Narrow. Together with its sister kingdom of Southern Amarris it used to be a part of a bigger nation, Kingdom of Amarris. The kingdom was almost completely dissolved during the Xesianise Invasion if 1570 and its remaining parts were absorbed into the Kingdom od Amarris. Some extrimist forces are still operating in it's territory, attempting to reclaim it.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

1520 - 1571

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Successor Organization
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy

CT Rate: 20%
TMI: Low
CMI: High
Trade Information:

Coinage is prone to forgery.

Ongoin civil war.

Harsh trade sanctions (circa 1565).

Used Coinage


0.02 lbs. (8 g)
Silver, sterling
PBI: Piece
Trigs are small chips in various shapes made from silver that is localy mined and minted. The coin is mostly used for daily trade and a few are usually stung together on a wire. Trigs are commonly referred to as coins, although they do not have to be round or even flat. The name trig was coined after a triangular coin minted by the Kingdom of Amarris, who was the first to adopt the standard.

Stone (20 Trigs)

0.26 lbs. (120 g)
Silver, sterling
PBI: Bar
Stones are flat bars of silver mostly used in large purchases or transactions, such as salaries and business investments. Stones are only minted by royal mints on special, dedicated days spread throughout the year that are known as the Silver Days.

Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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