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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a large business, corporation or trade guild
A total of 392 entries

Copper and Ironworker's Brotherhood

Drusseodias Postal Service

Diomede's Deletran Dockworkers

Crystal Blossom Trading Guild

Trecandus, the Passing Hands

The Guild of Madeisic Legacy

The Aldarian Artificer's Alliance - By Anika Tsuki

The Justicar Trade Commission

Reise- und Transportbetriebe von Ishkamm

Central Garyiala Railway Company

The BFA - Business First Authority

Terrain Titans Mining Company

Fraxian Guild of Caravaners

Transnational Trading Company, Alnea

Broken River Trading Company

Guilde Marchande des Merveilles

Governmental Weapon Manufactories

Trans Galactical Trade Organisation

The Transportation Guilds of Sagadorm

The Strix Trade Organization

The Spellbinders' Society

North Sea Company: Tax those Seaways

GASP - Guild of Augurs, Seers and Prophets

South Bastique Trading Company

Amuri West Island Trading Company

The Alliance Community Trade Market

Amy & Amee's: Worldwide Ichor Co.

Cold Gnomes Spring Laboratory of Infinite Thoughts

Carieach & Llwyfan Appraisals Inc

The hoppy road Consortium

House of Cartwright Merchant Guild

Adescheid Medical Research Corporation

Iron Build Trading Guild

The Confederate Minting Cooperative

Neimad Global - Prompt #27 a large business or corporation or trade guild

Forest Might Lumber and Mining Co.

Il'ron'dii Naggacii - Great House Naggacii

Health® , the Last Corporation

Tito Corbin's Taverns Incorporated

Andaperna Tradespeople Guild

The Cobalt Depths Mining Company

Multi-Industrial Transports and Automotive Systems "Mitas"

Haššiw Šam Šumkal Zetyq

Vinehive Entertainment Industries

The Consortium for Magical Trade on Earth

Alchemist's Guild of Dypholyos

The Turpis Harenae Organization

Company of Merchant Adventurers of Troyso

Uirsgeulean Trade Commission

Grimharbour Trading Company

Vandarr's: Makers of Fine Arms

Imperial Colonisation Company

White Rose Cartography Company

Trading for Profit Shipping Company

Society of Negotiations in the Orian

Sarendian League of Canal Merchants

Mogethi Kereskedelmi Flotta