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Prompt 27: Carson Mining

Carson Mining handles most of the mining operations in the frozen lands. Setting up mining settlements to gather up most of the precious minerals that can be found. Many who work outside the city either works for them directly or indirectly. Any foolish enough to start their own mining operation is asking to butt heads with the Carson’s. - A miner employed by the Carson's
Carson Mining is company that was founded not long after the establishment of the city. Considered one of the oldest and important companies in the city of Salire. Providing the city with the raw materials needed for the products that are crafted in the factories.
  The Company is ran by the Carson family. A family more focused on business than accepting a place on the Noble Council. They tend to work with the Nobles to advance their goals and expand the family’s business.
  Recently the youngest members of the family has taken the reins led by a sister duo and a group of brothers. They have grown the company thanks to expansion into the western lands. They also been furthering their dealings with other companies.

Carson Mining secures the Mining rights for Greith Mountain

  As expected the Carson Mining Corporation has secured the rights to mine Greith Mountain. Recently the nobles had put out a contract for the rights to the mountain as a means to produce more funds for the expansion plans into the western lands. With this contract secured Carson Mining will grow in influence and money from the possible resources that could be buried in the mountain.   This deal has also gave the nobles the funds to establish a couple more settlements in the western lands that should secure a trail that will help establish the planned trade route across those lands. -The Salire Times

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