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The Blue Dagger Company

The Blue Dagger Company is not your ordinary merchant guild. Or, more like, they used to be one, before they got fed up with bandits messing with their shipments, interrupting supply lines, and causing great losses in revenue. Therefore, They decided to fight fire with fire; to arm the caravans better. It just turned out that it's actually quite difficult to get enough adept people to protect the cargo; or the sell-swords would demand too much money for such work, preferring to do some easy and well-paying job like protecting some minor nobles instead.
But instead of falling into despair, the merchants in The Blue Dagger Company decided to take the matters into their own hands and become their own mercenaries. And what kind of mercenaries they turned into! Everyone knows to stay away from barrels and boxes marked with an emblem of blue dagger, because the merchants of the Blue Dagger Company are vicious and they will hunt you down mercilessly if you dare to touch their things!


Every city has a head of the city, who is in charge of the other merchants. Usually it is the most revered and most powerful merchant of the area, but not always. The leader of each city is chosen by anonymous vote every two years.   The leaders of the cities work closely together via mail and messages.


The merchants of the Blue Dagger Company are hard to put under one label. It matters more that you are a merchant of the company than that what you actually sell. They are somewhat a mercenary company; they can be bought, yet they tend to be pretty picky on who their allegiances go to; the guild mates always come first, the outsiders a second. Due to their more militaristic nature, also the nature of the goods they sell and transport around might sometimes be slightly questionable. Most of them are not afraid to move on the grey area of law and justice, like shipping illegal substances, weapons et cetera, but it's more up to a person's own ethical values on what they work with.


The merchants of the company are all at least passable fighters, some even of heroic quality. One cannot be accepted into the guild if they do not know how to protect themselves and their goods.
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
The Daggers


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