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Amy & Amee's: Worldwide Ichor Co.

Global leader in the Extraction and Storage of Ichor

Extraction, research, storage, you name it -- we've got contracts in every place along the Ichor line, with almost every country with its own God-husk.
— Amy & Amee's Spokesperson
  Of all the corporations that make Ichor extraction their business, none are as successful nor as large as Amy & Amee's. The business started hundreds of years ago as a simple textile manufacturing company, but quickly grew in scope once the world discovered the use of Ichor. Soon the company had contracts to draw Ichor from 9 of the 13 God-husks that resided on the planet, with plans to go for the rest as well.

A Dangerous Game

The field of Ichor extraction is not one that is easy to navigate; while the work itself is life threatening and dangerous, the business side of things can be equally as perilous. Governments and religious organizations must be negotiated with to gain permission to harvest blood from the God-husks, contracts must be won in order to create structures and storage facilities. Various military organizations, including but not limited to the Legion itself must be worked in tandem with to provide protection to the scores of workers near each God-husk.   Rival business often viciously fight for these usually exclusive contracts; bribes are tossed out at will, and corporate subterfuge is the norm among these companies. More than once within the short history of the Ichor industry, an upset CEO has employed deadly measures to attempt to gain the upperhand in negotiations -- usually in the form of hiring black market Catalurgists to ensure that their competition has an "accident".
Corporation, Mining/Resources

Roots not forgotten

Despite becoming a powerhouse in the Ichor extraction and storage industry, Amy & Amee's has not abandoned their roots in the textile industry. While not a global leader in it, they still do notable business in the creation of yarn and clothing. Their products have started to take on an artisan, designer aspect to them, and thus despite the low numbers of products they create, the textile division of Amy & Amee's still brings in hefty profits.  
Check out our newest line of sweaters and cardigans, inspired by the ever fashionable Rak'tos herself!
— Amy & Amee's Spokesperson

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Aug 5, 2021 19:30 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love the name you've chosen for this company. Though because it's close to mine I feel invested now... :( I'm on the side of the evil industrialists! *horrified face*   Is there any reason the governments did not yak care of the ichor harvesting themselves, with the legion for example? They're paying more for their ichor to allow the company to make a profit :p Are they just like many of our governments in full favour of privatisation?

Aug 8, 2021 02:38 by Stormbril

:O How dare! xD   A couple reasons, actually! Ichor is a pretty modern thing, so likely in the beginnings they mostly cared about who could get it the fastest for them, and thus contracted out to private extraction firms. So yeah, definitely mostly in favour of privatization!   The other thing is that the Legion isn't under control of any government, yet still has significant political power and likely swayed things to allow for such privatization, as it benefits them.   Thanks for the excellent questions :D

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