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The Ascalabos, deadly flying lizards guarding the Mages-Kings' mausoleum

The Mistress

Amathus, the City of a Thousand Towers

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About me

  • I write Romantic Fantasy novels and worldbuild for them.
  • I'm French.
  • I'm a biologist and chemical engineer and I work in biomedical research.
  •   Genre
    High Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Alternate History (especially 19th century France).   Profiles
    Tumblr: ameliedebruyne
    Discord: Amélie#8639, my own discord
    Twitch: AmelieIS
    Twitter: DebruyneAmelie
    Nanowrimo: Amelie Isabelle S
    4theworlds: AmelieS  

    Main WIPs

    1) The Empire of the Covenant: Set in a huge federal empire ruled by powerful mages linked to the ancestral magic of their Lands. One Fantasy Romance short story written.
    2) The Magical University of Lille: Alternate 1850s France. Set in a university with lecturer characters.
    3) Portal to Sérannie: Portal Fantasy, going from France to a secondary world influenced by Roman culture and that is on the brink of a civil revolution.
    4) The Engineering Corps: Science Fantasy, Alternate 1845 France. Focus on the engineering corps of the French army during the French revolutionary wars.
    5) Rome and the Sasanians: Alternative 340s Roman Empire.
    6) Divine Tyranny: Set in world where gods are all-powerful, walk among mortals, and mess up with their lives.
    7) Soul Jars: Merchants-Mages steal the soul jars of the ancient Mages-Kings from their mausoleum and use their souls to power artificial bodies that are enslaved to their will.
    8) Dark Lord Seduction Plan: in a world where Light & Dark magic and political parties are on the break of war, set on the the Dark side.
    9) Challenges of Magical University Life: slice-of-life in a magical university.
    10) Victorian Evil Scientists: 19th century Europe, evil scientists work fun experiments in the service of a Dark Lord.
    11) Magical Maths: magic is practice through complex maths, making mathematician extremely prestigious. Also deals with disability and discrimination.
    12) The City of the Hundred Fiefs: each fief of the city is controlled by one powerful mage, and all are at war against each other. To thrive in limited areas peaople have built upwards.
    13) Metas: for WA events and list of challenge articles.

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