The Magical University of Lille

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A series of high fantasy and alternative history books set in a magical 1850s France in a magical university where lecturers wage a deadly competition for funding and promotion.   Adélaïde Jameux is a lecturer in the magical university of Lille in France. She is dreaming of the freedom to do the magical research she wants, but new laws are turning more and more magic forbidden. And Adélaïde values few things more than her and her family’s safety. As the French Kingdom is at war with rebellious Dark Lord Ludovic de Gaudriault and his army, universities have been turned into military academy. But politics means teachers like Adélaïde still need to cater to spoil-kids with rich parents, making teaching unbearable.   Suddenly, the Chosen One prophesised to be the one who will kill the Dark Lord is found in the person of a poor and undedicated kid, Flavien Rivoire. When Lille is chosen to host him and Adélaïde becomes one of his teachers, she is thrust into the high-stake politics she has tried so hard to avoid. Now both the king and the dark lord are circling around the university, pushing academia politics to a new level of deadly. Adélaïde has to prevent Flavien from killing himself and to try to make him see all the manipulations around him while keeping her own help secret. But staying unremarkable is hard when she is also trying to get the promotion who could earn her more freedom and safety from politics. Soon both the king and the dark lord become interested in her.